Wobbly bits and rolls in sexy lingerie

Hey all, sorry if this is not posted in the correct place but I think it’s applicable. If not will start another.. So I recently ordered some super sexy lingerie from lovehoney and I look sensational from the front (if I do say so myself!) but at the back where it fastens I have a huge roll where it squished all together. I ordered a larger size but it just looked too big on my body and I don’t feel as comfortable in it but it fastens nicely with no roll. My question is how do others feel about their ‘rolls’ and loose bits, are you conscious? Or do you just think ‘f it’ and not worry? Also men and women, would it put you off if you saw a roll at the back? This would really help determine which size I should keep ha! Thanks all in advance. X

First of all well done you. I also have a fuller figure and no I don't give a damm. Oh loves and fancies me rolls and all. You go girl. I bet you look Ravishing with a capital Rrr. Xx 💋❤❤

If you think you look good in it then that's what matters! Go for it.

We as women are often our own harshest critics. For example last week I saw myself in some new underwear and saw a tummy muffin topping over the front of my thong and a big fat bum at the back. Mr John on the other hand saw curves and sexiness. Be kind to yourself x

Go for the one that isn't big on your body...bet it looks better on you...and as to a roll at the back??? Hell girl is he going to notice that?? I have to buy a bigger size sometimes for my big boobs and alter the body if they don't come in cup sizes..pain.

Lingerie looks great whoever it is on. It is the promise of what lies beneath. If the wearer feels good in it then that is all that matters. New Year's resolution to be kinder to ourselves.

Don't a bit of a roll put you off. I've got more rolls than Greggs , it used to worry me but not anymore. Most of the time a bloke isn't going to be focusing on muffin tops and back fat when he's faced with you looking all sexy in your lingerie.

If you feel sexy , you'll look sexy. Don't be harsh on yourself :)

wildflower wrote:

Don't a bit of a roll put you off. I've got more rolls than Greggs , it used to worry me but not anymore. Most of the time a bloke isn't going to be focusing on muffin tops and back fat when he's faced with you looking all sexy in your lingerie.

If you feel sexy , you'll look sexy. Don't be harsh on yourself :)

👆👌 Exactly this x

That's exactly what I was trying to say. 💋👍😘😘😘

im sure you look fantastic my wifes a bigger lady and the only time id be worrying about anything like that would be if it was hurting her if ya get what i mean and i hope you do cos im bnot good with words !

Confidence comes from within, it's a cliche but true. Wear whatever you FEEL most comfortable in, and your sexual confidence will literally ooze out of you. I would heartily recommend looking at Lovehoney's feed on Instagram if you want to be reassured about how to look totally smoking hot with fat rolls, rather than in spite of them. As western women, a lot of multimillion businesses would go bust pretty quickly if we all began to feel good about how we looked in the mirror..don't fall for it.

Go with what you like and feel confident wearing - your partner wont notice the bits you feel self conscious about. They will just be glad they are with you.

I'm a life-long skinny, straight up and down. Always had a hankering to try a basque even though I don't have the curves. I now have 3 from Lovehoney - I don't fill them out very well up top but I feel sexy in them, my husband loves it when I dress up in them. I'm glad I bought them and I still wear them.

Bodystockings suit me much better, much more 'me', and we both love it when I wear one, but I wouldn't have given them a thought before trying a basque first - wouldn't even have known there was such a thing. So, follow your instincts and see where they lead... and have fun!

So I've always been really slim and petite. But then I had two kids, went up 2 dress sizes and hated myself for a fairly long time.

It ruined my confidence, had an effect on how I viewed myself and also had and effect on our sex life and relationship.

However, this last or so (and we have been together 10 years) I've learned to love myself again. My husband always comments on how sexy, attractive and perfect he finds me. I've worked really hard on trying to see myself through his eyes and appreciate everything I have, chunky bits and all.

I bought lots of lingerie and have been lucky enough to review some more daring pieces I wouldn't usually wear. The things I bought were things I felt comfortable in and just took baby steps. However what gave me the most confidence was pushing myself a bit further and getting some sexy pieces. I love how they have made me look and feel

Anyway I have rambled. But what I'm trying to say is, love and embrace yourself and all parts of you. Take time to get know and love your figure. I always believe, what you think about yourself on the inside, shows on the outside. You've got this girl ♡

As a male, i definitely think women are their harshest critics! As previously mentioned, we see only sexy curves. We are just glad you ARE wearing sexy lingerie. Remember nobody is perfect, even your male partners! So they understand! Personally, i wish i was taller and had more hair, but accept that i can`t change it and that my OH loves me anyway, as i do her, with her perceived imperfections, which in my mind are not imperfections, but sexy curves!

Thank you everyone for your input, i am loving how you’ve all shown your body confidence throughout. I generally have a f*ck it attitude when it comes to my loose bits and hang ups but every now and then I fall into a trap as it’s so easy to criticise yourself. CurvyJilly 34f- how do you alter your lingerie? I would appreciate any tips as I am the same at 34ff and that’s precisely the problem; it fits on my body but too small on the chest and the larger one fits on the chest but too big on the body! Another note for you lovely ladies, you are all stunning and fabulous and wishing you a happy new year with lots of sexiness xx

Happy New Year to you also my lovely xxx💋❤

I Like a curvy woman, I find a few rolls sexy and much prefer a curvy woman to just a straight no shaped body, embrace the curves

Embrace the curves as a man I love them so sexy so beautiful

I love wife

I desire and worship her body every day

Her wobbly bits her soft bits

I love the feel of her naked or in uniforms, sexy knickers and lingerie of all kinds but mine and her favourite is soft strecthy body stockings, they are sexy figure hugging

Personally it doesn't matter about size, be confident and feel sexy. If we were all the same sex would be boring! I am looking at what we are wearing and the hot sex we are going to have 😋