Woken up by someone having sex

Has anyone ever been woken up by the sounds of shagging and had a cheeky wank listening?


Has happened in hotels before, we were at a hotel which was part of a well known chain, could hear the couple in the next room going for it, she was very vocal. It turned me and the OH on so much, that with in a few second we were going at it hard doggy style , hoping that they could hear us too. :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


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The opposite. I’ve not been able to go to sleep once as I could hear my mate having a wank. He was trying to be quiet… but I know rhythm of a wank!

I know what it’s like to feel frozen and not be able to say or do anything. He denied it the next day :joy:


Nopes never ever :sweat_smile:

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Been woken up by a previous neighbour loudly praising the Lord with her toyboy at 3am, but as i needed to be up for work at 4.30am a wank was the last thing on my mind! :rofl:


We were woken up many years ago while on holiday and I decided to wake my husband up with a blowjob and soon we were making similar sounds- it can be very arousing when you hear sex


I think we need to move house to get this :slight_smile:

Happened to us once on holiday, couple in room next to use had balcony door open, we had ours open as well and could hear them at it. Was funny at 1st then something flicked in my wife….possibly the greatest hour of my life!!!


Have had this at a motel. I found it very arousing, had to have a quick play with myself…I was on my own :wink:

A few examples…
Our first was on one of our first holidays together. A couple on the balcony below we’re going at it. It was very audible but also very visible. It got us both turned on, but we were not quite the exhibitionists back then so stayed in the room but made love with the sliding doors open for our neighbours to hear.
On our honeymoon we started to make love not right on the balcony, but certainly with enough outside for others to know what was going on. Again, no need to be quiet when on holiday. It definitely got other couples going, as there were at least two pairs who we heard enjoying themselves on the back of our fun.
We had a trip to New York and had a mid afternoon nap. A couple in the next room were going for it, with some extra loud noises. It woke me up and made me horny, so I started to play, which in turn woke Mrs E up and when she clocked what was going on was keen to enjoy too. Was so hot competing against next door!
Nowadays when we are on holiday without the kids, as a minimum we’ll have the doors to the balcony open a couple of times. We love the buzz of hearing AND being heard!


Happens all the time at my uni house! And yes I sometimes have a ‘cheeky wank’ :joy:


I’d love to be a uni student. I’d be a right slag, anyone anywhere :rofl:

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…best one I ever heard was two lads and a girl in a holiday bedroom next to me - I was on my own there for business - I could tell that she didn’t have them both at the same time but had them one after another - usually in the same order. :o

ha, yes but was married so let my right hand do the talking - once I twigged what was happening on the third night I timed my cum with the second chap

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Oh yeah I’ve definitely been heard :joy:


I get woken up sometimes by partners having sex next to me in bed…if that counts. Most of my hotel stays have been quiet, but my partners tend to pick upscale (quiet) places.

However, I recall one time when I was living with my GF back before we joined our forever family. We lived in a neighborhood, and the couple next door was loud enough at 2am to be heard through their wall, across the lawn, and through our wall. :laughing:

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I love being woken up to the sounds or smells of someone having sex. It was one thing about uni - paper thin walls, so you could hear sex three rooms down!

It has happened at a few hotels like above. My favourite was a German couple in the next room had 6am naked sex on the balcony every day, her leaning over the rail and him in from behind. He had some stamina too!

Shared rooms and beds since uni and been woken up like this now and then. Also, in the same scenarios, I’ve been the one waking others up to the sound of sex. All good fun.


Oh yeah. Sneakily at first and then totally blatantly at the end. We returned the favour towards the end of the holiday too :innocent:


They seemed to. I quite liked the little piece of naughtiness, and we didn’t meet each other at any other time.

Oh yes! Seemed only fair to say thanks for the view really.

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