Woman and anal sex

Do women enjoy anal sex?
Can they orgasm from anal sex?

If so how can I convince my wife to try it?

And how do I go about it?

Help PLEASE!!!!

Yes, some women do like anal sex, personally I do get very excited by the whole anal thing and have been known to orgasm from anal sex, though it is not a strong as I would normally have an orgasm, but it is one none the less. And also wow what mind blowing orgasms when I have my lover in my butt and a vibrator in my pussy or visa versa!!

Now, how to convince your wife, well first of all you will have to find out how she feels about the subject, then really take it from there, if she is dead against it then you may not stand a chance of trying it out, but, if she seems a little curious then why not try a well lubed finger first in your sex games, then progress from there, the main thing for your wife is to be relaxed and for you to use plenty of lube, don't try straight off trying to get you cock in her, you may hurt her then you wont get another chance that way.
Just be patient and explain you would like to try and maybe offer to do something for her that perhaps she hasn't approached you with, but be prepared for her to turn the tables on you and want to buy a stap-on, after all one good turns does deserve another ;-)

Or show her this and other posts here on the orgasm army!!

Good Luck

@ madmigz lol
ohhh i think i'm gonna like this newbie, sound advice there

@ welshgooner there is another thread running at the mo on anal that might be of help/interest to you. slowly LOTS of lube LOTS of communication and NO forcing of any kind pysical or emotional
good luck hun
and ya some woman like anal lol took me a longgggg time and i have to initiate it and be in just the right mood lol

I like it too... but keep in mind not all woman do... make sure when you aproach the idea your wife dont feel presured in any way other wise yo0u will never get your fantacy forfuilled...
How to go about it,
Ask your wife if she has had any fantacies lately..if so listen to them... you never know she may have already thought about anal....but incase not..when she tells you hers be eager to forfill it.. then when she askes you if you have any then you can gentaly talk about the idea... maybe say you read it somewhere that some woman love it and you really want to pleasure her in every way you can, because to pleasure your partner is a huge turn on!
She may just be turned on to it because you are... thats the way it was for me... hubby was curious and was turned on by the idea and in turn it turned me on seeing him turned on!! :s *wonders if that made any sence*

Thank you very much ladies.
I have read your comments with great interest.
It seems to me that if I talk to my wife and she is not dead against it, I must take my time and not rush things.
As for madmigz's comment about the tables being turned with a strap-on that sounds interesting and quite a turn on. Anybody recommend a good strap-on for an anal virgin.
Once again Ladies.

Haha bachgen ddrwg!

So glad I could be of service, try these links nortyknicks left me in another post.



Love honey do a good range too, just start small or you may end up turning yourself off.... or heres and idea, what about a little butt plug for you to use while you are making love to you wife, I but she will be able to notice the difference in you, then maybe she will want to try out of curiosity!!

Happy Playing ;-)

Thanks again madmigz

I managed to finger my wife in the arse, which she seemed to enjoy, but nothing since then. I would seriously love to shag the arse of her, but no such luck.

I'm a woman and I do enjoy it. Yea I orgasm from it.
Do it gradually. Touch her ass. Kiss it. Try to insert a finger. Don't be in a hurry. She'll love it and then you would do it. My husband love to do it with me.
Use lubricant!!!

Here is an update from my last posting.

Well progress has been made. I have manage to insert a finger and some. This happened 2 weeks ago after I gave her an hour long sensual massage and while I was giving her oral. She told me after that she quiet enjoyed the new sensation. We have since bought several different sizes of butt plugs and we have both used the smallest one during intercourse.

Next step is to use a large one and buy a strap-on for her to use on me. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again Ladies for the great advice!!!!

any more updates?????

Yeah, any more updates??

I'm a woman who enjoys anal stimulation, in fact I love it. I recently made a brilliant discovery: the Serena. I got it from another store but it's available on lovehoney http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=6328 and while the vibrations did nothing for me vaginally, it is one hot baby on the other side! It's got a lovely soft slender tip for teasing, and can be gradually inserted till its wider base for full sensations. It goes in so smoothly you just feel the gorgeous vibrations and no pain, friction or anything unpleasant! It's definitely a toy that I would recommend for introducing a woman to anal play. A message to all you guys out there who don't know how to start, as one bad experience can completely ruin everything!

Ooh, that might be worth trying Gattina.

I love anal sex myself, but can't stand having anything up there that's not smooth - i.e. I won a butt plug at an Ann Summers party and it's ribbed, bloody awful, did nothing for me whatsoever! Not too fussed on the size, as long as its smooth!

Which is also why having anal with a circumcised chappy is great :)

Here is an my update.

Things are progessing slowly but they are progressing.

Still haven't managed anal intercourse but she has progressed on the the medium size butt plug. As for me, well, the strap-on has been bought and used several times and much to surprise has been very enjoyable. Having your arse fucked and being wanked at the same time is fantastic. I recommend every bloke try it.

It took quite a while for me to have anal sex with my wife, and it was a tease for her, I found out later! While giving oral, I usually rub her butt hole and gently press against it, slightly opening it, and licking it lightly. She told me that she expected more, but I was just getting her used to it. One night while we were having really steamy sex, her legs were way up my back, and she was approaching orgasm...I was holding her bottom, and then I gently pressed two fingers, covered in her juice, into her butt hole..well, she gasped and held me so tight, I thought she might crush me! then she had one of the best and longest orgasms ever! by now my fingers were right in...she called it "dirty sex" and was obviously looking forward to more of this...later that night we were "spooned" together, and I felt my cock growing between her bum cheeks, thing is, she'd been rubbing against me, trying to wake me up! she had our KY already round her butt hole, and put loads on my cock...I could'nt believe it! she wanted me to shag her butt! I started with a finger, then two, then three, further and further, while I rubbed her clitoris rythmnically...and then I pushed against her now dilated butt hole, wow! I nearly came! but held off..until I got all my cock in her, and gently rocked with her, now I had both hands free to play with her love lips, and luckily, she exploded so hard, it made me come as her butt hole went into rapid spasms on my cock...now we do this once a week, we dont wanna spoil it, because afterwards her bottom does have a few involuntary spasms....

Just for anyone who likes the idea, but has a long term partner who doesn't like the idea ... patience can pay off in the end, 20 years before my wife allowed anal, now will do so occasionally.

Main thing was that I was honest enough that she knew I was interested, and occasionally asked if she'd like to try, but never pushed it. Building trust and love brings rewards (well, sometimes ... sometimes it just has to be for its own sake!).

I found out that she was beginning to come round to the idea in an slightly weird way - we were playing a bondage and 'forced' orgasm scene with her tied up and having vibrators used on her, really good scene and she was having a fantastic time. Afterwards, she said she was surprised I didn't penetrate, and I pointed out that the way she moved herself in the bondage I could only access the back hole - at which point she said 'well maybe you should have done then'. A moment of silence from me, then I asked if she meant it, and she said she did if she was that into it again! But as it happened the following week we were having {relatively} vanilla sex, she'd come as much as she wanted to and asked how I wanted to come - I was clearly 'on the verge', and she said yes to my 'how about anal'. Needless to say over very quickly, but no complaints from either of us.

This all sounds a load of shit to us..potentially. Ha Ha, and indeed uuurrgghh!

Richard,we apologise profusely about the above, in anticipation of your bollocking - but we couldn't resist it after half a bokkle of vodka!!

I'm not that keen personally and don't get anything from it but I know Mr S enjoys it so I go along with it for him. Having said that, because I know he is getting pleasure from it then it's not as if it is a chore also because it's seen as a tad naughty/taboo then that makes me enjoy it more. We don't do it that often, which is fine by me, I don't think I'd like it too regularly tho.