Womanizer or Desire luxury clitoral stimulator.

Hi all, looking to buy the wife a new clitoral suction toy and take advantage of the current offers on both. Ideally looking to explore the possibility of squirting but I know that buying a toy will not guarantee this and different people will have their own experiences. Can anybody recommend either toy? Be great if someone has both but recommendations for either appreciated, I’ve found that the reviews on both are similar. Thanks in advance.

I'm assuming you mean the Womanizer Starlet vs the Desire Suction toy as they're similar in price. We've got the Womanizer Classic and Premium and they are great, though they have a few more settings and features than the Starlet. The Desire toy is powered by Womanizer tech so the sensation should very similar, and it seems to have more variable options than the Starlet. I think it might be bigger too (the Starlet is quite diddy). For what it's worth, I'd be leaning more towards the Desire toy.

As you mentioned squirting I thought I'd flag the beaded glass dildo that's half price in the Deal of the Day today as it gets recommended quite a bit for squirting.


With the £15 off £50+ offer on at the moment you can add it to your chosen suction toy and get it free. 🙂👍 Or, if you're an Unlimited member, you can add an extra something for £4 to your basket then use your Unlimited 25% off voucher, plus the £15 off, and get the whole lot for about £35. Even better. 👍🙂

Hope this helps. 🙂

A couple of extra points 🙂: the Desire toy is waterproof, whereas the Starlet is only splashproof. And the Desire has a 180 minute runtime versus only 30 minutes for the Starlet (though these will both decrease if you're running them on the higher, more powerful settings).

Personally the desire would be my choice.

Good info from Mr chimp

Hi always good information from Mr chimp top man