Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 has stopped pulsing

Hi i bought a
Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro40 a year or so ago and its stopped pulsing. It still switches on as normal but doesnt have the sucking action anymore. Anyone else had this?

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I don’t have this model, but I have another womanizer that has been going for well over a year. Does it have a travel lock that you’ve accidentally activated?

Womanizer has a 5 yr warranty on their products though. Theres a contact form on their website, I’m not sure if you go directly to them or the retailer that you bought it from, but I would guess the response to the contact form would tell you.


Welcome to the forum, I’d maybe get in touch with customer service to see if it’s possibly faulty

This isn’t good - contact whoever you purchased it from and they may send you to contact womanizer re their five year guarantee . Good luck, I couldn’t be without mine now (and I have two versions!)

They have a warranty depending on how old it is either contact Lovehoney if less than a year or Womanizer if less than five years

I have two of these - the replacement I received is actually extremely noisy now, much noisier than the original one with the disintegrated rubber cap/ seal. If yours is still under warranty do let them know!