Women's health and sex education

Ok, so I know here on Lovehoney, the fun starts over 18 but one thing I feel that was overlooked when I was younger and in higher/further education was the importance of good genito-urinary health.

I didn't really know about UTIs until I had my first one aged about 20, and had to leave work early one day during my summer job as I started peeing blood. That was not fun at all, and had I been wiser and more knowledgeable I would've got it checked out before it got to that stage...ugh.

Secondly, having had my first child, my pelvic floor is weaker than before. Again, people don't really 'talk' about it. Not even my own mother! The importance of exercising the PC muscles should not be understated or even overlooked. It causes a lot of embarrassment for a lot of women. I think I may have some stress incontinence, particularly when I sneeze. Sorry if too much info, but sure I'm not the only one. I'm just admitting it, and it sucks :(

So I reckon it's about time they bring this stuff into the classroom/lecture halls. Can anyone in Education enlighten me as to whether these issues are being addressed?

I felt the same and still do now. I work with stuents aged 14-18 as a school nurse part-time. I find that there are a large amount of students that come to me concerned that they have an STI but in fact it is just thrush or a water infection. I have had to phone quite a few parents as the students are so embaresed about talking to them as they havent even spoken about it before and do not want to see a doctor alone. There seems to be lots of students that do not understand what they are, and associate it with being dirty and not cleaning. Lots of students make negative jokes about it purely because they are not educated on it. I do think it is somthing schools and colleges should bring up in sex ed lessons.

As well with pelvic floor exercising the first I heard was when I had my first child. I still found it difficult to control my bladder so went to the doctors. He asked if I had been doing pelivc floor exercises and didnt have a clue what he was on about! I think it would be fantastic if midwives at least mentioned it during your pregnany at some piont.