Work Colleagues

Sometimes I wonder if any of my work colleagues are also mebers of LH.

Would they behave differently if they saw some of my posts? I can't decide if its a good or bad thing.

That's the beauty of having a username. Nobody will know it's you unless you tell them!

I don't think it'd be a good thing personally. I don't want what I talk about on here discussed face to face with anybody I work with or even some of my friends so I wouldn't like people to know who I really am (although that point no longer stands really as I posted something before signed with my full name). But the discussion stuff still stands


I think one of the best things about the forum is that we don't use our real names so we can be completely open in what we post without fear of someone we know in the real world judging us.

I have an ex-colleague who was and still is going through some relationship issues, I have told her about the forum and suggested it might help her. She has used Lovehoney to shop but did not know about the forum obviously she does not know my name on here.

I never had the balls to suggest it while we worked together though.

Thinking about it if she has now joined she might recognise me from this post. Lol!

Would people behave differently? I am not sure, but as some of you know I have made a good friend on here who I have now met, and we have a great friendship because having met on here there is nothing we can't talk about. We are like brother and sister.

lots of people at work know that i go on the forum like everyone else said thats the beauty of having user name . if someone knows me well they would probaly be able to work out its me but they would have to be on the forum a lot to work it out.

Hey there big bro!
Well yes the good thing about the forum is that you can say, ask and mention anything you want to discuss or get advice about without feeling embarrased or judged.
As it happens I was out with a good friend of mine last nigh who is 15 years my junior but we get on famously. She (appart from my husband and best friend) is the only one who knows I've bought thingd from LH as she has too. I told her I was on the forum and told he I'd received my first toy for testing and reviewing. She said that her and hey boyfriend have started doing that and sh'd re-registered her account name as a couples account. So I do actually know someone on here, but it's not wierd with her as I have such a great and open friendship with her.

I was wondering the same thing.

A few, well one of my colleagues, made a joke about LH at work the other day, i admitted to knowing about it but not sure i would tell them my user name

Little Strummer Boy wrote:

A few, well one of my colleagues, made a joke about LH at work the other day, i admitted to knowing about it but not sure i would tell them my user name

No I am not sure I would.

Only Mrs A knows my real name, as far as I know

I think they would behave diffrently and I wouldn't like any of my colleagues to know my username

I wonder if any of my work colleagues know I'm on here..... cheeky

Most of collegues are close friends anyway so to be honest it wouldn't bother me and I don't think they would care either we've known each other for the best part of five years. However if I was to change job it would be a very different story indeed, I would be worried about what new collegues would say about me or thought of me if they found out.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if some of my work collegues were on here.

It wouldn't bother me if they knew i bought from the the site but i woudn't want them knowing what i was posting on the forum, as people say that's the joy of user names. I wouldn't use my real name (or dare put my photo on )

i dont care if anyone i know reads my posts , im a totally open book . i have a username yes but my pic is clearly me , so if anyone came on who knew me theyd see it was me immediately !

I don't think I would like my colleagues knowing that I was a member of the site. Might admit to knowing about it but thats about it.

rubysoho wrote:

i have a username yes but my pic is clearly me , so if anyone came on who knew me theyd see it was me immediately !

I used to have a different username and my profile picture was of my face but since I'm in the teaching profession I felt it best to hide those sorts of things.

But like I said before that's all ruined now since I put my name up haha! I'm not too bothered. I'm not shy about sex with anyone, my mother included in that!

I'm not too fussed tbh I talk on here how I talk to friends, and if someone in work asked a question I'd answer them regardless of the topic. I don't really have that problem anymore though since I work from home so I've never actually met the people I work with face to face.

I'm sure there's a few of my old work colleagues that are on here and one or two I would be happy to talk to them openly about LH generally. Really not sure how my colleagues in my current job would act though! I prefer being open but sometimes you have to be careful who you do that with I guess.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Oscar Wilde

It is very interesting to see how a person reacts differently when they think they're talking to someone anonymously.

I discovered a whole new aspect to my cousin's personality after talking with her on a chatroom one night, when neither of us realised who the other was until partway through the exchange!

You haven't lived until you've attempted to look your cousin in the eye after unwittingly having cybersex with her.