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So yesterday morning i was working in a flat that has a window at the back of the building that you can climb out onto a flat roof, its in a built up area so its wuite over looked and facing alot of other flats. I was out there yesterday having a tea break when a man appers in the window behind in the buff, he noticed me then drew his curtain. This morning however i was out having a quick cuppa before i got started and he appears again this time sporting a semi and just stands there and smiles st me, i ssmilex bsckk then went in thinking nothing of it. The confusing part was when i told mywife what had happened kmowing im not gay/bi she asked if i liked what i saw, i said i sisnt think of it in that way im not curious she said im sure you can appreciate an attractive man without wanting to do anything. Am i strange for thinking that id have to be slighlty curious to find it attractive. Its got me thinking now this morning :joy::joy::joy:

Not at all, think we can all appreciate a good looking member of the same gender without it being sexual or bi.


There’s always this suggestion that all women are bi and men mostly straight … and I do wonder whether a lot of that is purely down to socialisation…

I consider myself straight … wouldn’t want a romantic relationship with a man… very much thinking the naughty thoughts about women … but … I do love to see a nice cock in porn… and I do have fantasies about threesomes with my wife and other men… think it’s all a spectrum and all good fun and we are probably socialised to be averse to it


Dont get me wrong i have no issue whatsoever seeing naked men im a naturist at heart so love being naked and others being naked. It just got me thinking when she asked if i found it attractive and i could only answer thst iv never looked at it in that way its just a naked man lol :grin:

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So it’s more of a yes to seeing him as attractive and a no to feeling aroused by it maybe?


We all find different things attractive and many can appreciate other things as well but it don’t necessarily make us this, that or other :grin:
For me I’d have been most intrigued to seen this haha


As i say having never given it a thought i didnt see it either way, i think the only time i have ever really taken notice of a man wad years ago in a public swimming pool went to the male changing afterwards to shower and dress and whislt in the sshower a you guy waalked in looking likke he made horses jelous in his spare time :joy::joy::joy: there wad me mr average there suddenly looking very small in comparison,couldnt help but appreciate that thi ng hitting his knees :joy:

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We move from the city to the country in just over a week. I will miss having neighbors… or will I? :thinking: :thinking:


Although heterosexual I still get turned on by male masturbation and orgasm. I would never want any sort of relationship apart from perhaps a mutual masturbation session