working sex chatlines

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking for a while about working phone sex chatlines and I would love to hear any advice you can offer - especially if you work on one!

Will I have to go self employed?

Hrs and realsitc earnings? Best agency to go with?

Those sort o Qs, Anything else you can think of which mite be useful to me.

Cheers for your time, take it eazy ;-)


Ok, cheers illumine :-) I did look for such a thread but nothing appeared to come up but thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction :) will email you asap :)


Is there something like a quiz you could take to help figure out if you'd be any good at that sort of thing?

They dont have to because all the girls who do it are hot and horny and dieing to talk to says on the adverts