Worn pants

I have recently read a magazine article about a girl who was making a nice few quid extra by selling her "old" underwear. She claimed to sell up to 15 a month at up to £75 a time! They can be as "dirty" or "clean" as the buyer desires and are packed in vaccuum bags to preserve the "freshness"........Truth time....as anyone here done it ?????

I've considered it, but decided against it. I'm currently contemplating getting into a venture of selling my worn stockings, though, as I've noticed a bit of a market for that.

a long time ago when my oldest 2 kids were little i advertised for work i could do at home.
a man called me, suggesting that he send me a package of brand new knickers each week and that i mail him mine each day as i took them off
i'll admit i seriously concidered it. easy money? right?
that is right up till he said hed pay triple for my young daughters knickers,
yes i'm sickenly serious
i gave his number to the police, turns out it was a neighbour wed spoken to most days for over a year!!


Not my cup of tea, but it wouldn't do to all get off on the same now would it??

OMFGG thats is seriousloy weirdl... i hope they locked him up that sick bastard..... and to answer the orginal question... no I have never sold or even thought about selling my kecks to anyone lol... or my stockings.. unless they plan to wash em for mi and send em back!!

Back to the original point ..up to £75!....thought provoking, weird..or just plain sad...but...there must be a "market" for it?.....Good luck with the "stockings" venture MN...photo included?

I'm with Laynie on this one, especially guys who get off on little girls underwear, its just plain wrong on so many levels.

Agree fully...anything involving kids or anything which involves people being forced to do things against their own free will. But a bloke my hubby worked with was selling his girl friends underwear but as his girl friend was a bit of a "plain Jane" he sent "glamour shots" of his sister instead! ( his sister was a glamour model of sorts)...You could be 20 stone and send out size 10 .....

hehehe yes... when I was 18 i used to have a cb and on it I told people i was 16 stone so they wouldnt chat me up !!.. so I guess you could do it the other way too..

Remember when the "Slatter" family started in Eastenders and Big Mo was doing the "Sex Chat" lines on her mobile ??

HAHA yes I do ^^ that was funny :P... but I bet its typical of phone sex operators!!
Just prooves that when you cant be seen you can be whatever you want!!

Go have a look on eBay at what people advertise in the weird fetish section, lol no I wasn't there looking for used knickers either but there are people selling them on there. The other half an I spent quite a while one evening looking though what odd things people were selling, for exacmple we watched an auction close for an old smelly pair of trainers which was in the fetish section and someone paid £46 for them, my last pair went in the bin, makes you think, and oddly enough some of these horrid things were selling for a good price so I guess it takes allsorts.
But heres a thought, why is it there only seems to be a market for worn womens undies, anyone ever heard of it round the other way? But I guess most ladies would be with me on this one, we have to wash their undercrackers nothing sexy about that eh girls lol.

Yes people do sell their knickers sometimes, quite a market for it! I was asked to join a sceme where knickers were sold and snapshots of feet etc... but I refused. I'm no prude but it was just a bit ewww for me!

Later I was asked to do the used stockings - there are many on ebay but they have to state 'will be laundered before sending' or it gets taken off, but the fetishists know what to look for I'm told! Again quite a market for it - and no, again I didn't go for it, I didn't want some stalker after me for a start!

go to a site called ebare,its got loads of wierd stuff,
some extreme and some not so, be warned its pretty heavy


I popped and had a look, curiosity got the better of me, looks like it doesn't do much bussiness though, either that or everything sells out quickly... the things some people will do for money always makes me chuckle.

I was looking at the site a couple of months ago. It could be a good idea, but as madmigz noticed, it doesn't seem to do much business.

There is a site called www.fetbid.com but it's quite empty - it is a real shame as it is completely free! Free to list and no sellers fees at all. When it first started it was advertised and I joined and sold a few things on there (not my pants!!)

The owner really should get it advertised again

A bottle of Vulva ?...are you sure it was'nt a bottle of Vodka ? Seriously do people really sell these items(knickers) on a regular basis...done a bit of checking (purely in the name of research)...and all seem to show...NO BIDS.......Self Employment Everyone ????

No ...Thought the vodka might have been the reasons for the spellings!