Would it put you off...

If a woman has stretch marks? I had a baby 2 years ago and feel self conscious as I have stretch marks on my lower tummy right above my pubic area and also on my outer and inner thighs. My husband says he doesn't mind them, but I feel ugly. Just wondering what others thoughts were?

We all have scars and blemishes from life, nobody is perfect. Be comfortable in your skin and proud of your battle scars, your husband is telling the truth, believe him.

I don't think stretch Mark's put the other half off at all. I have had 4 babies and my hubby has never ever hinted about them being off putting. They are part of you and something to be proud of. They are almost like a mark of honour of life itself. Show them with pride my love xx💋❤

P.S. no it wouldn't put me off, for the reasons above.

Wouldn't put me off. x

My partner and I have four kids. Two by C-Section and two by natural birth. She has plenty of scars and stretch marks and it hasn't change my attraction for her at all. It is a reminder that she did me the honour of bearing my children.

My wife has some stretch marks,(after having 3 children) I love her more for it, after seeing her carry all 3 of our children. She also felt self conscious but in honesty there is no need to. #selflove

Stretch Mark's and scars doesnt not put me off, just means theres a story behind them ;)

Wouldn't put me off. As said above sure we all have scars in life x

As others have said, you have nohing at all to worry about

I regard stretch marks as a badge of honour and they would not put me off at all. You should be proud of them.

I've got lots of stretchmarks on my tummy after having 3 massive babies. I once heard someone describe their stretchmarks as 'tiger stripes' which I rather liked. They are visual proof that your body has done something wonderful....brought life into the world.

From what I've gathered from my husband (and in conversations with other people ) is that it doesn't put them off at all so please don't feel ugly cos you're not.

No husband will complain but if I put on a kinky makeup and a sexy leather lingerie our night will be lasting. I know all husbands won't mind those marks but being a lady I want to look good for him consciously. I know he will enjoy more if those marks were not there, but who cares when the lights within those 4 walls were turned off. 🤣 Anyway I got mine removed by a cosmetic surgeon. 👍

The wife and I have two children. Her stretch marks are definitely not a turn off.

I have lots of sliver stretch marks on my bum and thighs. Call me weird but I actually like them. Especially when I have a tan

No, nay, never! I love everything about my wife and her "free lightning bolt tattoos". I'm not perfect, she's not prefect, so we are imperfect together. It makes for a lovely thing when we accept that of ourselves.

Stretch marks don't put me off. As others have said, they are just one of the many changes that happen to a body as it lives life.

I, a male, have lots of stretch marks of my own on my back where during a teenage growth spurt the bones grew faster than the skin could cope with. I expect that there are many other men who also have them and therefore can't be complaining!


I personally find stretch marks very sexy and appealing they turn me on so much more so from women that have had baby’s I suppose it’s a milf kinda fetish

I think imperfections caused by life add character. Wether they be stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, greying hair, sagging etc Can anyone say they are free from any of the above? Just be confident in the body you have, body confidence is very sexy.

No-one is perfect...men or women. We get stretch marks not just in pregnancy but growing too in puberty...males and females. We are our own worst enemies for looking for faults in ourselves. Embrace your amazing body for carrying a life and nuturing that child during pregnancy and giving birth. You have a husband that loves you for who you are inside and out and wants to be intimate with you and bet he doesn't even notice them. So no a few blemishes doesn't put anyone off...enjoy ❤