Would you and your partner go on a nudist beach

I’m a def yes, she’s a def no.

And mind the potholes - that road is rubbish :angry:

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I 100% would, I’m not shy but not sure my wife would be completely keen although she might like to try it

Just booked 2 weeks at our favourite naturist / nudist resort in Spain :es:

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It’s not weird it’s definitely a turn the are watching your boobs swing around and staring at your pussy and watching cocks swing from side to side.

Just had a week away with friends. We were right by a large nudist beach. We all stripped off.
My wife enjoyed the contrast between our cocks, mine small and thin. His long and very thick.
To my surprise our friend had a pierced clit, which became the subject of conversation.


I would in a heartbeat, but I’m not sure about the OH. She enjoys wondering around the house naked when she gets chance, but I’m not sure if she would be brave enough to go naked in public.

This is an old post that seemed to get bumped and many have already covered the issue. I vividly remember my first time to a so called nudy beach. I was solo at the time and laid out all my beach kit. It took a few minutes to gather up the courage to remove the swim shorts and I expected everyone to stop what they were doing and look. No one could care less if I was naked or not. Later on I started going with my now wife and she used to have fun talking dirty to me so that I had to lay on my front to hide my arousal. Lots of back sun burns in those days.

Yes, there are etiquette rules but they are mostly to preserve the freedom and tend to hygiene. Nothing sexual is to be involved. You don’t want creeps checking out you, your OH, or your kids if you take them. Also, authorities can use sexual misconduct as a reason the close down a nudist area. The whole sit on a towel thing everywhere you go is for hygiene.

Nudy beach isn’t like what you see in many videos. It is mostly… um… more mature?.. type folks that have the confidence to expose all their life’s lumps and bumps. You may see a few young families with toddlers that don’t yet know to wear pants and couldn’t care less. Next to no families with puberty aged kids and few 20 somethings.

Nudy beach isn’t about the perceived scenery as much as it is about you feeling the wonderful feeling of sun, sand, wind, and water on your body without the soggy swim suit. I used to go all the time and loved a two week vacation to Costa del Sol but have since purchased a private rural property and do it all at home now. Still fun to go visiting public spaces from time to time just to have other folks around.

It’s amazing how many people that have never gone to a nudy beach that think they will be turned on by it when it doesn’t happen at all. All I can say is try it once and see if you like it.

I actually stumbled across one when I was 19 with a partner of the time and ended up stripping off and getting involved. Yeah people don’t even care what you are doing so you get involved. If you get abit worked up you can always turn onto your front dig a little hole and hide you’re package :package: now that may have or may not have happened :crazy_face:

But one this is for sure. My ass hadn’t see sun like that for sometime and OMFG the sunburn was real :joy::joy:

LMAO! Yes, the white bits certainly can hurt if not exposed before. Interesting that I have never had a sunburn on the front side though.

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Yes - its liberating and feels amazing.


I know the world has changed a lot but I could never understand the point of bikini tops from the age of about 15, they were always massive, wet, uncomfortable bags of fabric which just felt horrible.

Once I discovered that there were literally the same beaches but 5 minutes further walk where I didn’t need to bother with bikini bottoms I always went nude, for all of my 20s.

Boyfriends came and went and some loved it some just couldn’t get to grips with it but I generally always found somewhere to go nude on most holidays.

I stopped nude around the time of my first pregnancy and then topless stopped once breast feeding and as kids got older we went to more resort type places where swimsuits were the only practical solution (urgh).

I hope I haven’t left it behind though. Occasionally when I have been on girlie weekends we have found a nude beach, if only for a quick morning swim, or I have sometimes taken myself off for a bike ride and evening nude swim on family holidays. Current husband not fussed either way so I have not been with him but always had kids on holiday with us. Always topless in the garden which paradoxically feels much easier and more natural as the girls have become teenagers.

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@anna.michelsburg I just love your posts and its so good to here you are so open minded and body confident. Congratulations on the marriage, I knew you had had a child but last thing I can remember was your Consultant friend. Best wishes.

Oh my, a lot has happened since he was my ‘friend’.

Well yes, marriage and a baby for a start. and I am sure a lot more. I hope life is good for you all. @anna.michelsburg

Interesting comment. Were you self conscious of the belly or was it something else that distracted your interest? I also think a nudy beach would be the easiest place to breast feed but maybe my local beaches are different.

It is not that I stopped because I was pregnant, in fact being nude when pregnant is lovely, it is more that we started going to different places as I started having my children. Also, I don’t think we ever went anywhere during the breastfeeding era when I could have done that on the beach but, I agree, it would have been straightforward.

One thing I did notice though, when I was about 18 weeks with my first I did go on a break with a girlfriend for a bit of sun and I have never had as much attention as when I had a visible bump.

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@walsh111 . If you dont mind me asking, what area in Spain, without being too specific.

We love nudist beaches.
We go to one on the Costa del Sol.
Just relaxing naked , with like minded people who enjoy being clothes free.
It is such a leveling and liberating environment.
Being able to wander around, go to the bar and chat with people naked is such a chilled feeling.
Ive never felt aroused to the point of causing embarrassment, but it does highten your sexual senses and our sex life does take a spike when there.
People obviously indulge in some discreet sexual activity when in the sea. We have been known to.


@Iwill …CostaNatura just outside Estepona which is a naturist resort…but if you don’t want to stay, there’s a public nudist beach with sun loungers for hire and you can order drinks from the resort but can’t enter unless you’re staying…our other favourite beach to visit is Playa Nudista Benalnatura in Benalmádena which is fantastic