Would You Ever?


wye purposely be loud with solo time so your oh would come investigate

Only if not assisted by porn.

WYE have a foursome?

We go to nude beaches on holidays, so a nude hotel could be considered. Im more confident than wife though. Beach/ bar one thing, a hotel may be another for her ?
We have found people often wear something
( minimal) in bar / restaurant.

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I would love to have a foursome one day, preferably we’re everyone play wi the each other.

WYE go to a swingers club

yes if only to see what it’s like.
wye wear matching underwear with oh all day

oh yes, for sure, but I like skimpier knickers than she does.

WYE go for a whole day wearing a butt plug?

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a whole day I don’t think I would manage,
I have gone to the hot tubs with one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
wye go out to a nice dinner with a wearable toy and hand off the remote to oh

Been there done that

WYE have a same sex experience


WYE perform on webcam?

I’ve done it before and would do it again if I could maintain anonymity :wink:

WYE visit a glory hole?

No I would like to know who is at the otherside of the hole.

Would you ever taste your own cum/juices

Yes and do regularly

WYE taste anothers cum/juices of the same sex as you.

if the oh really wanted to see me give a blowjob yes.
WYE put a video of you and oh online (with consent of course )

I would if where both not reconcilable in the video. Would definitely be a femdom video of my OH working my ass hard. With pegging, fisting and toy insertions.

WYE visit a prostitute

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