Would You Ever?

Absolutely if I had someone to swing with my ex wasn’t keen he just wanted to fantasize.

WYE do it in a public place?

Yes been there done that.

WYE consider having a same sex experience


WYE consider doing escort work?


Wye go on the world’s largest rollercoaster?

Yep, not overly keen on heights though.

WYE go into space if the opportunity presented itself?

I think so,

That’s a good one, SQ

I would OH would not it would be interesting to see how cum reacts to weightless environment
Wye climb Everest

In another life if I wasn’t so unfit I would I guess.

WYE go on a date with Elon Musk?

No, definitely no.

WYE go to meet some wearing nothing but a long coat or similar?


WYE let someone fist your ass or pussy

Yes but id need plnty of training first

WYE fist someones ass.

Yes would love to fist someones ass

WYE try sounding

No, afraid I’d be bit scared of doing that.

Would you ever perform oral on your partner whilst they are having intercourse with someone else?


WYE go to a sex club

Yes, we want to go to a swingers club. But finding the time is kinda hard.

WYE eat/clean up a pussy with a fresh cream pie of someone else


WYE wear your OH’s underwear to work?


WYE ( Depending on your age) have sex with someone 30 years older?

Yes, Age is but a number.

WYE go skinny dipping.

Yes have done in Greece Rhodes to be exact in the middle of the day OH and I were going to do it one night but kids wanted to go to the beach as well so we didn’t do it then but she dared me to take my shorts of in the water the following day so I did it’s quite tricky putting them back on though
Wye have sex over a car bonnet hood for our American friends