Writing reviews...

Does anyone else here love writing their reviews? Writing the reviews and planning what I am writing makes me relive and remember the amazing times I have with these products and so I really really love writing them 😁 My reviews are far from perfect but I do enjoy writing them x

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Likewise Bex, we enjoy writing our reviews and try and make it useful for others but also look to learn new ideas from others too.

Hope to write one tonight after testing our free gift.

Yeah I loving writing my reviews too. I know they aren't perfect and my grammar could do with some (a lot) improvement, but I try and make sure I provide as much information as possible.

We love writing reviews and reading reviews. Alas we need to invest in more playthings and pieces.

We do enjoy reviewing, whether here or other places.

I have to be in a β€˜writing’ mood, and feel like I have something worthwhile to say: really good features as much as when the product being below par, but I always try to explain why.

I enjoy writing reviews, too. I also like looking back on my old reviews to see how much I have improved in writing them over time. Always a pleasure, never a chore :P

I have always loved writing but they feel I lack the imagination for fiction. Reviews give me a fantastic opportunity to exercise my mind and develop a creative style. I also feel like especially if I have been sent something to test it encourages me to be a little more adventurous with how the toy could be used and closely examine why certain things work for me and why some don't as I try to think about who would enjoy the toy.