XLarge Butt plugs and concerns

Hi everyone I wonder if you could give me your thoughts and feed back.

I have been having fun (serious fun) with butt plugs for some time now and without getting too graphic insert them and work my way to orgasm. I always like a challenge and have been getting bigger and bigger. My latest is:


Which is the Ace of spades with a 10" circumference. Now I can get it in with quite some effort and wow do I love it when its in.

However I do have my concerns. I've only had it in twice so far so early days and whilst I am exterienced my 8" goes in no worries at all I have been left a little sore after using the 10". Now I'm quite prepared to work my way through it and think that with more use it will get easier however I don't want to do myself any damage and living on my own don't want to have to take a trip to A&E or put my self at risk of rectal prolapse,

Any comments/experince.


any advice peeps would be greatly appreciated :-)

yep plenty of lube mate arm fulls of it yo can never use enough .or geta 9 incher work your way up

Thanks a lot, will persevere x


After some weeks of trying and working up to it I've finally managed to get the

TitanMen Large Ass Servant in my ass!!!!!!! And all I can say is WOW!!!

Well done x