Yay. I finally squirted.

After years and years of trying, last night I finally managed to squirt :o). I was using my trusty old rabbit and had some really powerful orgasms then I switched to my magic wand. Before I knew it me and the bed were soaked. Mental note to self - next time put plenty of towels on the bed lol.

:) congratulations hun, I remember when Mrs S squirted for the first time - the wetness was such a huge turnon :)

Totally agree with SC, and enjoy your new waterbed wetone - you have the nick name for it.

Apparently it gets easier, let yourself go girl.

Wow! Congratulations Xx


Congratulations! Nothing beats a good squirt

Congratulations! Nothing better, right about the towels though :)

Congratulations! Everyone should get to experience a good squirt

Thanks all. Will be trying again tonight ;o)

Yay - well done you :)


I'm jealous too x

congratulations x

very jealous.

need to get my oh to do it

is there a way to squirt without gspot stimulation? x

Strange that mamanda. I got there with clit stim with my wand. Don't care how I got there, the fact that I did it after all these years makes me happy :o) x

Congrats! It's always exihilarting squirting for the first time and for some it can take a lot of energy out of you, make sure you relax afterwards (clean up first though!).

My first squirting episode happened about four times in a minute and scared me to death! It was in the middle of the night so I had NO IDEA what to do with the soaked sheets. Luckily I have my own washbasket in my bedroom though, and just grabbed a shower then put all the wet towels in the washbasket too. I hope my mum never found out that the stuff on the sheets wasn't water!

ha ha she probally smelt you pussy juice