Year review and 2015 goals

Not long now until its a new year and talk of new year resolutions is going around. Apart from the standard goals of eating healthy, doing exercise and spending less, I thought that I would set myself some things off my bucket list to complete.

It also made me think of some of the things I achieved this year. My largest problem was being confident to say and ask things, which compared to the start has become so much better. Having never cum on my oh before and being something I've really wanted to do, I finally worked up the courage and asked for my oh to finish me off on her chest. It was a great feeling accomplishing it and have since finished on her back to. I also introduced sex games to the bedroom and learnt more about what my oh likes and would be willing to try.

As for 2015, my goals would be to tape having sex with the oh, watch some porn with the oh and add some costumes with role play to the bedroom.

What's your goals for 2015?

To learn to love myself and my imperfections, improve my health both physically and psychologically, and to learn to have fun.

Letting go of fear based belief systems,

Going deeper in regards to releasing subconscious trauma/anger

Realize that fun comes from within rather than look to others for it

Advancing on my tantra path

Going self employed

A much bigger sex toy collection!

Learn to say no and be more assertive

Drink less. Excercise more.

Get a new job.

Sort my life out. Get some pretty huge courage and stand on my own feet!

My ultimate goal is to go to medical school, so all of my goals this year are centred around making that possible. I want to be in a position to quit my job, or at least go part time, by October 2015. That way I can focus more time on studying towards the entry qualifications I need. To do that, I need to save a lot of money and study a lot harder towards the Health Science degree I'm studying right now via OU. I need every pound and every university credit I can get!

In the past 15 months i'm. Lost 2 stone I'm proud of that next year i want to lose a bit more but its going to be mainly about tonning up for me. I also started a new job on Christmas eve so im hpping i will continue to enjoy that and have a better work life balance!

Gain weight

Save money

Pass my driving test

Get a car n afford insurance

Get more work in

Spend more time with friends and family

Hopefully find myself s special partner to enjoy some excitement of any kind.

My goals is to continue with my website and get out there more. In the past year, things have started to take off in a good way

Celebrate two very special birthdays with a box filled with goodies and money for them enjoy Cardiff the Dr Who experience our holiday to llandundo our favourite place. Series nine off Dr who, also Spectre new Bond film. Turning the spare room into a dvd Dr who haven for me..

Getting out on the dating scene a bit more,

Be more confident

Move up a career level in my job

Leave an unhappy relationship

To enjoy time with friends more.
I look after myself better.
To get myself to the doctors and sort my back out :)

Must try to be more tolerant, lose a bit of weight through exercise and better eating habits. Continue rehab after surgery 18 months ago. Stay in love with OH. Enjoy LH purchases.

Eat better and loose weight

Get a decent dissertation handed in for the deadline 23.4.15

Explore my kinkier side and explore erotic photography further

Work over summer to try and become closer to clearing my overdraft than it's current maxed out state!

To fit in to this without straining it, or having too many unsightly lumps or bumps. I't will probably take me the whole year but i'm determined to do it. I'd love to be a size 12, i don't have an unrealistic goals of ever being an 8, but a 12 would be a happy place for me, and sadly to say, be the slimmest i've been since before i was even a teenager :(

Get a date. Shouldn't be too much to ask for, I don't think.

Geting a job is my main priority.

Be more confident talking to people

Get into dating with the intention of a relationship

Keep fit by continuing at the gym

Maybe even try to end 2015 as not a virgin