Your favourite toy...

The rabbit is far and away the most famous (and best-selling sex toy) but is there another kind of vibe that you're partial too? What's your favourite sex toy.... and why?!

My favourite would have to be those small 4.5 Lady Finger ones.

I just recently got the monkey spanker that’s pretty good.

I have to say, The Rabbit is my favourite toy! Always does the trick! Rabbit and Durex Heat Lubricant blows my mind!

I am a Dental Hygienist from the U.S. Since I do not want to clean teeth the rest of my life, I started working on an idea I had for a sex toy, about six months ago. The prototype is done. It has been product tested by my partner and myself for months. It was tried by a few couples in the family to rave reviews. The small run dies have created 100's of perfect toys that are waiting to be packaged. We just filed for the patent this month and were just about ready to shop for vendors and a packaging company.

Now that I see this contest listed in the AVN newsletter, maybe we should submit it for evaluation. The 10,000 dollar question is: Will I be able to retain my patent and then license it to be produced by lovehoney's manufacturer of choice? If we can get that kind of assurance, this product should make for a very happy Christmas for everyone.

Debbie and David

I belive this contest is not fair it must offer copyright ownership 5%-20% to the creator as partnership or something... if the design is sucessful. $1000 its very little compared with the thousands of dollars a bright design can make every year. This is a great idea "Design A Sex Toy" "we will help you???" I just dont like the idea of "copyright theft" under any circunstance... got any idea for this?

has anyone entered this comp?

I entered the competition but I do have similar concerns to sex666. I haven't heard anything though, so I'm hoping they won't capitalise on my idea! Did you enter, sexyshegirl?

While we are on the subject, I am quite disappointed because when I read about this site in Scarlet magazine, it said you sign up, write reviews and get free sex TOYS! I have only ever received one, and that was it! I have written quite afew reviews since too! Clearly it was just a ploy to get people signed up!

Also, I have asked for the free lube sample on this site like a zillion times, and never received one!

What does everyone else think?

From An Pretty Pissed Off Poshnymph!!

hey, i'm new here, what's this about free sex toys? gimme gimme gimme!!
how did you get your free sex toy poshnymph?? i'm not bothered if it is only one, it's a start.
Ientered the comp. but only cause there is no way I could afford to make my idea, lets hope they are fair!

from jbird.

I have contacted the company about the winner or the designs that may be close but didn't win.
Designers will be approached with a proposal to license the product to them for production.
If the designer does not want to do that, then they will not be able to go forward. Legally they want the right to come to you first, via the terms of the submission, but the time and date stamp of your proposal supercedes any product roll out they would have in the future. You own the design per even the loosest copyright law. Patent the product if you are more concerned than that. Even a Provisional patent is iron clad protection for a long time.

I can say the money they will be putting forward is immense. If they make a proposal to you at all take it seriously. One mold to make a part of a sex toy can be $60,000USD easily. That, along with packaging and purchasing a UPC code for the product warrants them taking the lion's share of the cash flow at least until the product is a proven winner.

If you do not believe me, look up Injection Molding on Google. Ask a company what a mold would cost for something like a salt shaker with a screw top and don't be surprised if 30-50,000 is their quote with some astronomical minimum quantities included.

Hope some of this got cleared up!

David in Michigan USA

Jenbird- I saw an advert about the Orgasm Army website in Scarlet magazine late last year. This was when the site first started and they wanted people to try out the site and give feed back. I got a free sex toy to review. I have a feeling this was a temporary/ limited offer because I haven't received anything since.

Since then there has been some freebie offers of lube and johnnies on the Orgasm Army homepage for us to claim if we like, but I have requested them a few times and never received anything via post. I think I may e-mail some one at Orgasm Army and see what is going on!

I'm not sure if being a member of the Orgasm Army entitles us to discount on any products, and I have bought a few items since I joined.

I do know that if you register with you can get a 10% discount on your orders. Also,the prices of things fluctuate due t stock, so keep an eye on the product you want and buy it at a price you can afford.

It may not be free but it definately will be a good bargain!!

Hope this helps!

There's no need to be pissed off Poshyymph (or indeed anyone!).

The competition doesn't close until 30 November, so if you've entered you won't hear anything until after then.

We need to review all the entries and come up with a shortlist to present to the judges.

The rules make it absolutely clear that there's a £1,000 prize just for the best entry, whether or not it gets made. That's pretty cool -- not many places you can get £1,000 just for an idea!

And if LoveHoney decides to make it, they will negotiate with you for a fee, royalty or whatever, just as they would if someone came to them direct with an idea.

Good luck!

" Will I be able to retain my patent and then license it to be produced by lovehoney's manufacturer of choice? If we can get that kind of assurance, this product should make for a very happy Christmas for everyone."

!f you have a patent, then yes, of course -- it's your patent.

Read the rules -- they're very clear and make it obvious that nobody is out to steal your ideas.

Sex666 -- you are right to be concerned about protecting your ideas, your are wrong to suggest that this competition is about copyright theft.

The rules are very clear and say that the £1,000 is the competition prize for the best entry *regardless of whether it gets made*.

If the product gets made, LoveHoney they will negotiate with you for a fee, royalty or whatever, just as they would if someone came to them direct with an idea.

Good luck!

PoshNymph - sorry you haven't received your free lube samples. Perhaps they got lost in the post -- please don't assume that it's anything sinister.

Please send a feedback message through the Orgasm Army site and we'll send another sample.

You did receive a free £50 vibrator though, so it's not all bad -- thank you for the review!

Actually I am relieved to hear anyone received anything. I joined less than a month after PoshNymph, while the site was still advertising itself as giving free sex toys to those who wrote reviews. Unlike her I did receive the samples of a durex condom and lube pack and O My clitoral stimulating gel (which was damaged and leaking when it arrived) but I certainly wasn’t fortunate enough to receive any of the promised free sex toys for review.

However as I mentioned I am relieved to hear someone received something as it at least indicates their intentions were good.

When I saw the site advertising the £50 gift voucher prize I assumed that is the new offer superceding the free sex toys. I was disappointed as I had never received any free toys. I was then extremely concerned because I didn’t see an announcement of September’s winner and became worried the prize was as mythical as the free toys.

I am enjoying writing the reviews and love the idea of the Design a Sex Toy Competition. Although I haven’t finished a design and entered it I have had a lot of fun drawing outrageously phallic designs and giggling over them with my friends. I intend to enter at least one of my ideas when I get round to finishing it and would be delighted to have the opportunity of trying it out

Sorry about the delay in posting my thanks, but half term is an awkward time to be writing messages about sex toys. Now they are back at school I would like to take the time to say;
“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

A wealth of sex toys arrived through the post; a beautiful ‘Crystal G-Spot Probe Dildo’, a ‘4 Function Vibe’ and a ‘Swedish Banger’. All of which I intend to try out and review as soon as possible. (But I must finish and submit my idea for the ‘Design A Sex Toy’ Competition first as that is rapidly becoming urgent.)

I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Fat Man in a Barrel September’s winning review.

:-) No need to apologise, it took me even longer to reply to you! ;-)

Glad you liked the bundle of goodies -- looking forward to seeing some more great reviews when you get time!

I understand the concerns of not getting a royalty for the winner design but sometimes it's just nice to invent or design something and have it manufactured for the love of it. Then just enjoy the fact that people all over the world are using your creation. That sometimes can compensate for any monetary reward. Don't get me wrong i would never turn down money. Who knows what exposure can come out of this. How else would your toy get created if the opportunity wasn't given to us by Love Honey. We obviously all have creative minds so lets continue to work at designs and just have fun while doing it. Good luck to everyone.

oki, but,
i don't understand :

Closing date is 30 November. Winners will be announced on 30 November.

your are really fast !
you receive, and selecte the winners the same day !

whoua ! i'm impress !