Your first Lovehoney Toy ?

Hi guys.

Just curious as to which was your first purchase from LH. Ours was the Sensual Glass Double-header 7' dildo way back in March 2011. I don't see it in the current range but it has the swirls at one end and the nodules at the other. A fine purchase and great investment. Still in our top 10 and in regular use.

What's yours ?


My first purchase was a ball gag and a hog tie restraint 😄

Fab. Hope it was a good purchase 👍

Our first purchase must have been the "Purple Clone-A-Willy" kit; I had so much fun creating a copy of my partner's penis however it's not really a toy we use, it was more just a fun experience to have with each other.

Also, it was fun teasing him, so he kept hard while the mould set

A Rocksoff bullet. It was a great way to kick off our love of toys to share. ;)

Mr & Mrs Buzz - Heheheh. We got one too. It's still in its wrapper at the back of the cupboard waiting for a particularly 'good day' when I'm at my finest 😆

Toy Fan - Them Bullets can be pretty fierce. We've had a couple from LH over the years. Good purchase 👍

Toy Fan wrote:

A Rocksoff bullet. It was a great way to kick off our love of toys to share. ;)

Mine was the Rocks Off Ammunition RO-80mm Bullet Vibrator I bought it to surprise my OH during sex :) It's so rumbly and powerful for something so small. Still think it's the best bullet vibe we own!

Sounds good. We just keep getting the Dream bullets when they need replacing. Seems like we might have to get another backup 😉

Along time ago...but I think it was this....

and I still enjoy using it xx

Jolly good.

Nice to see they turn out to be long term investments eh ? 😉

Ours was this DP dildo


Phew !

Niiiiiiiice !

When we first started dating captain bought me a rabbit which I literally used until it broke 😮 think I had it about 6 years.

The mini double penetration dildo 😁

I had placed a few lingere items but my first actual toy from here was a Cock ring

This was my first order and was my first male masturbator.

Browncorats - 6 years ain't bad life for a busy Rabbit. Well done guys. Hioe a suitable replacement was found 😉 x

Fujiyama - A mini double ? Fab. Hooe it's well used 👍 x

Heidi920 - Lingerie is's very good. Hioe your purchases are doing it for you 😉 x

Bondagegod - Have seen the LH videos of those Tengas. Any good ? Cheers.

Thanks for sharing your purchases with us.
Still going strong

My first order for my wife (and me)!

Hi Spice Couple - You can't beat the glass dildos fur value. They last forever, great for hot n cold play and they look amazing. We'd have a shelf in the living room full of them if it didn't seem too pervy and weird 😝

M4t1n - We have exactly the same wand with a few interesting attachments. Incredible piece of kit ain't it ?

Cheers guys x