Your latest purchase(s)?

So the chastity idea failed… :joy::rofl::rofl:

Enjoy :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning::tada::tada::tada:

A late night order with some deals, especially. the magic wand. It worked out at 65% off plus another 20% off made it £15 instead of £55.


Well, after having up to $500 in Black Friday deals in the cart, I finally trimmed it down to… one markdown and two regular price items! :man_facepalming:t2: But I did have a 25% off code as well, but still.

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I have bought a lovely new purple Basque and a sex toy bundle to take away with us for the weekend. Problem is postman tried to deliver yesterday so it’s now not being delivered until Wednesday :disappointed:, so sad. Hopefully there are no more delays as we go Thursday morning :crossed_fingers:

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This wee f#cker.


I have never owned a sex toy before, but heard many good things about a rotating and vibrating dildo. I give this toy 5stars, it is my favorite toy that i now own. There are three speeds of rotation and a button that switches the way of rotation, and i believe 10 vibration settings. For someone that personally likes clitoral and vaginal play, it is brilliant. If you know how you like it, it can make you reach the big O within seconds. You obviously have the option to prolong yourself, but whatever you choose, it will definitely get you there. Granted it isnt the quietest toy, but it isn’t as load as you would think with all the settings. It is very simple to use and 100% worth the money.

Hi @sophiemariecain2001, welcome to the forum :blush:

I’m really glad you’re enjoying your rabbit :purple_heart:

Just letting you know I’ve moved your post into the thread for recent purchases :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This seems to.have come up a couple of times bit pricy but is it worth the price?

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We’ve just bought some nipple / clit suckers for the OH. The last ones we bought were no use for ornament. Hopefully these will be the ones that do the job.

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No idea, hopefully! I got it for £35 with the black friday discount & the wow tech points :dancer:

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Whats wow tch points hope you enjoy hope to read more on it i always fancy that type of toy

Its the surveys that I think you’ve already registered for. The thread for it is here.

Thank you

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Recently, after I have been pegged or taken the dildo into my mouth while she comes on a vibrator in her harness briefs, she has kept the briefs and dildo on overnight so that I could reach out and feel a penis where I usually feel a vagina.
I love that feeling so I have asked her if she would be happy to wear a soft FTM packer dildo overnight and possibly when we go out socially. I was a bit worried about asking her but she said that she would be love to give it a try. I constantly underestimate that woman.

Anyway I’m buying one of these.

For the suspenders:
For the dildo:
And for… you know :smiley:

So our soft packer arrived yesterday and she wore it inside her knickers last night. The bulge it formed looked and felt really authentic. She found it to be very comfortable with no skin irritation even though she wore it for the whole night.

For me it was really nice to be able to spoon her and feel a ‘penis and balls’ rather than a vagina.

One more step in our role reversal journey.

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This arrived today. Couldn’t resist with the black friday reduction:
Looking forward to trying it out later…

Never tried a prostate toy and have always wanted to. Spoke to the wife, she was happy for me to try it so ordered myself this.

Lovehoney High Roller Remote Control Rotating Prostate Massager

Arriving tomorrow. So will be trying tomorrow :smiling_imp:

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Just ordered some new restraints as an Xmas present for OH. Not too sure if I can wait that long to give it to him though. I’m too excited to be put in them