Your most underrated toy?

This is a thread for us to give shout-outs to underrated toys!

What's that one toy which you think is brilliant, but which has bad reviews on Lovehoney, or a total lack of reviews?

C'mon - let's set the world to rights guys.

For me, it's this head massager: It has so many bad or mixed reviews, but most of them seem to have missed the point of the product. Personally I think it's great! One of my favourite purchases.

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Some have been discontinued. I have a fab Fifty Shades heart shaped clitoral massager, which we both also like on our backs with some oil or a massage candle, and the Fifty Shades bullet which was powerful and fantastic. I think they got good reviews, but they are discontinued. My bullet broke so Lovehoney replaced it with their Desire version - excellent, but not the same... *sigh*.

I also love this:

It only has 6 reviews but we love it. We like this too: - it has good reviews but not many so people are missing out!

Well, two come to mind:

The Maia Porpora. It's got 50 reviews but I'm surprised it's not more popular (especially if you like big, girthy toys). Maybe it's more a "me" thing? Lol.

And this little black silicone dildo. It's not bad at all and has some nice shape/textures going for it.

Both of them are pretty inexpensive, too.

I agree with the fifty shades clitoral massager. We love that product but don’t see why it has been discontinued.

Ours is another one that got 'discontinued' (destocked). The blue squeezy tongue is a great little toy. πŸ™‚

HunnyMonster29 wrote:

And this little black silicone dildo. It's not bad at all and has some nice shape/textures going for it.

I'm with HunnyMonster29. This is the first toy that came to mind when I read the question. I have a multitude of dildos but this one gets used every time. We tried our best to give sparkling reviews; please believe us!

@ Ian Chimp - Yes! I love that blue tongue. I'm surprised it got discontinued but I'm glad I got it before it went for good.

@BeeMine - Right? It's a really good dildo. Usually I like bigger/girthier toys but this one has so many nice shapes and textures that I didn't mind the smaller size at all. It definitely needs more love and attention.

Disappointingly for me its my Ball/Stretcher humbler, the idea was my OH put on me whe she pegged me but the first and only time we used it she was that worried she'd do me permanent damage she's refused to use it again! I like it rough and she likes to fuck me rough and hard but it just worries her despite all the reassurance I give her! Unfortunately now it sits at the back of our toy drawer!!😫😫😫