Your off on a dirty weekend! What 3 things would you take?

So your going for away for a weekend of total unabashed sex, what 3 things would you take with you? But it has to be one each of these 3 things.

1. Your favourite, kinkiest sex toy.

2. A dress up outfit for you or your partner.

3. Your favourite porn movie, or if you don't have one the genre.

Mine would be:

1. Our strap on (no surprise there!)
2. A cowgirl outfit with leather chaps!πŸ˜‹
3. Men Onlys Room Service or girl/girl.

Over to you.....

I would bring my MotΓΆrhead overkill bullet vibe.

My French maid outfit.

I am not sure what porn I would bring, I do not have a particular favourite.


1) The leather paddle

2) The Dream girl Secretary Outfit

3) The Movie Secretary to set the scene. ( we arn't into the hardcore porn)

1) Cane

2) My stillettos

3) None, we wouldn't have time to watch it!

1) we vibe tango
2) schoolgirl outfit
3) probably something with sasha grey

Oh great thread!

1. Probably a glass toy, maybe the nubby dildo?

2. I'd take his police outfit.

3. We don't watch porn, could we take a sexy game instead?

Of course NatandTom, no holes barred here! Lol

The porn movie bit gives me and maybe others ideas for good movies. A sexy game is just as welcome.

I struggle to contain myself on here, I'm a MASSIVE flirt.😊

Its so great to be part of a community where you can be totally open (well very nearly) about your sexy thoughts etc.

Thanks people!πŸ‘

Whoo, I love lists! Alright, here goes:

1. Our butterfly riding crop, love that thing!

2. A black corset with some sexy panties underneath

3. Something classy with a red-haired woman

1) my tango or my wand. Not sure yet!

2) probably my rubber girl latex spanking skirt

3) something girl on girl, it's both our favourite sort

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

1. Tracey Cox remote love egg, and I have control of the remote while we are out and about.

2. LoveHoney Tease silky restraints (you can link them together to make an "outfit" so it counts![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif))

3. As the youth's of today say "Netflix and Chill"

The missus on the other hand wouldn't travel so lightly.

1. For a toy I would back my brand new wand the OH nought for me with his attachment

2. Probably my Lovehoney adore me red chemise set with black thigh Hugh sticking and heels.

3. I don't like porn, but maybe take out the selfie stick and take some dirty pics just of us to look at later privately.

1. Rodeo (strap on) knickers, they're sexy and crotchless

2. A dildo either the mustang or lovehoneys silicone 7 inch purple one as they can be used on me or on my OH (Both silicone so can be sterilised).

3. Rope so we can do bondagey stuff ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

Ahhh God I can only take one toy.....
1. Okay would have to be my vibrating bullet.
2. Deffo my naughty nurse outfit
3. Porn. Hmmmm probably girl on girl

I so wanna book a naughty weekend away now.

1. my wife

2. her jelly toys

3. lingerie

1, bullet vibrator (for him to use on me)
2, sexy new outfit from LH
3, cock sleeves

Going away this weekend.. Can't wait.
My review will be up of my new outfit next week (it's amazing Lovehoney!)

A dirty holiday? Sounds like I'll need the essentials.

1- Favourite toy, My dryer balls

2- Favourite clothing, My lint catching cloths

3- Favourite viewng, washing machine instruction guide

Very little clothing, and that would be skimpy.

Our Favourite Toys.

Plenty of Lube

Nobody seems to realize but The Doctor didn't say one toy he said one THING: so my first "thing" would be my toy box, which contains I believe 5 toys: two butt plugs, two vibrating prostrate stimulators, one masturbator, a cock ring, and an absolutely beautiful glass dildo my FB adores (oh wait that's "7 in 1).

2: weed

3.The outfit that I like for her: pink leg warmers that go from the very top of her thighs to the most perfect part of her ankles where, suddenly the.leg warmers stop and the cutist feet (including absolutely darling toes) pop out.

1. Magic wand! -understatement of the year πŸ™Š

2. French maid outfit- love to see his face when unexpected room service shows up.

3. I love most genres, so would taking the memory stick be an acceptable answer? I find it such a turn on knowing these incredible women are on full show but I still manage to keep his attention...