Your partners scent

Does anyone else get turned on just by smelling your OH? I can just hug my fella and the smell of his aftershave really gets me horny. Even the smell of his aftershave as i open his bedroom door makes me want to rip his clothes off.
Maybe I’ve just got it bad!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You are not alone here :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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Natural pheromones for me…no after shave. Makes me high…only happened with 2 partners though.


You’re definitely not alone there :raised_hands:
Hubby wears adventus creed :drooling_face: that definitely gets me going every time.
But what gets me more horny, is his smell, smelling his pheromones. Smelling him, and tasting him, I love when I’m in his arms and I’ve got my head on his chest, and every time I breathe in, I smell him. :exploding_head: especially when he gets in from work :woozy_face::melting_face:

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I like to smell my wife’s hair but the smell that turns me on is her natural scent when I lay my head in her lap.

Just to add, i do love the smell and taste of his body, without aftershave, especially after we’ve had sex. It gets me going all over again.

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Yes. Her natural scent is extremely arousing to me. There are also some perfumes that she knows I especially like and she will wear them as a kind of ‘I want it’ signal to me which is also a huge turn on.

Same. People I’m sexually attracted to always smell amazing to me. Definitely a pheromone thing but it definetly turns me on so much.

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There are two types of scent going on here aren’t there?
The smell of their perfume and the smell of their body.
Or am I mistaken.
If you like the smell of a set aftershave etc, then the smell would be nice on Hitler for example.
The smell of their body and pheromones is the true smell and maybe nice.
Sorry if this sound strange, but I couldn’t quite get the gist of it.

Either way -
I love the smell of my wife’s perfume but I equally like the smell of her and especially like the smell of her after the gym.

“If you like the smell of a set aftershave etc, then the smell would be nice on Hitler for example.”

From things I’ve read this statement isn’t correct, most perfumiers seem to think that perfumes smell different on different people as it reacts with each individual’s chemistry:


But the air around you isn’t the only thing that can affect the smell of your perfume. Your skin and body chemistry can also affect it. The pH balance of your skin, how dry or oily your skin is, your hormone levels, and even your diet are all believed to affect how your body reacts when perfume is applied. Therefore, a perfume may smell fantastic on your friend but smell wrong when the same amount of the exact same perfume is applied to your own skin.

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I whole heartedly agree with Phoebe from Friends:
Thats why women are shorter. So men can smell their hair & fall in love with them

I’m very scent driven and my girlfriend isn’t particularly
This works for me as I get to pick out perfumes for her as she isn’t fussy.
I absolutely love floral, sweet perfumes that are cloying.
I bought her ‘Elie Saab, Girl of Now Forever’, she’s been wearing it long enough now that it’s deeply associated with her.
It definately evokes an emotional response from me when I smell it.

On the other hand, I have a cupboard full of designer Fragrances for myself that I hoped she would like. I spent months cycling through them, asking her for her opinion.

Jean paul Gaultier, Moschino, Armani, every one receiving an “yeah it’s alright” (not exactly the enthusiasm I was looking for).

Then, the other evening, with my quest for an approved cologne all but given up on, I come down from a shower and she leans in unprompted and says “wow, you smell really good”.

She looked up at my face, surprised that I was clearly annoyed.

Why was I annoyed? Because with around £500 worth of designer fragrances sitting in my cupboard upstairs, she’d just approved the £4.99 Lynx i’d been bought at Christmas and spritzed after a shower to use up.

Sorry Mr Gaultier, apparently you have no idea about parfumerie.

The Lynx effect is still very much alive in 2022.
The teenager inside me gave me a fist-bump and went back to playing Playstation.


Maybe next time you feel horny because of his aftershave you might want to act on those feelings and have your way with him, trust me he might not mind if you did it right there.

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We are usually at it within minutes of getting together. Sometimes we even make it to the bedroom :joy:

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Me and my girlfriend usually don’t even make it out of the car before we start having sex, usually when my girlfriend gets in the mood she wants it right there and then she isn’t willing to wait for sex she will start to unzipp me and pull my cock out.


Sounds like a great attraction you have and usually it’s the scent of a person what often plays major part in bonding to someone :grin:

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I love how he smells, he wears lynx too @LJ but we go have a shower together when he arrives and then I get to smell just him, my shower gels are all mostly fragrance free too. But the post sex scent is my favourite, thats when his true scent comes out
and I can’t get enough of that.

Aftershaves and sprays are all fine but a clean warm body scent is delicious.


Maybe not necessarily when I smell it on her when she is there but iv defo bin on the train or walking down the street n smelled her particular perfume ( which she wears on nights out, the nights out usually end up with good sex) on someone n immediately thought of her n get aroused

Yep :drooling_face::drooling_face:

I’m enamored with it. Never want to wash the sheets after he’s been staying over :sweat_smile:

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