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Hi LH Community, just want ur thoughts on somthing?
OH has been promising and saying things are changing, being sorted out so we can be happy ever after, but 12 months on nothing has changed. Am I silly to think after all this time there will be change?
I think I just need to hear from someone else what I think ? Plz help


Generally I would say yes but it depends.
After having a deep discussion with your Oh you should find out if they are having problems or if anything is preventing them from ‘changing’ .
Also if they are still young, people do change in certain ways as they grow.

Another thing, it depends what you are expecting of them. We don’t know the details but if you are expecting them to change the way that they just are - that doesn’t tend to happen and you maybe can’t expect that of them if it’s just who they are as a person. But again, it depends what you’re talking about exactly.

If you’re happy to share details then we may be able to provide better advice.
Hope you’re OK x

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You’re not silly, but he’s not going to change if he hasn’t already, and ultimately we have to accept people as they are; if that doesn’t work for you then you have to say goodbye.

It can be such a hard thing, and obviously only you know what is right for you, but please don’t waste your time waiting for a persona of someone who doesn’t exist :orange_heart:


From my experience…I waited and waited and waited and it just got worse.
I tried and tried so hard. It made me feel so depressed and I lost all my confidence.

Sounds like you need a good talk and decisions have to be made.

We have one life…one chance.
Live it.

Good Luck


Hello @Horny_from_wigan without knowing the details it’s hard to say for sure (I totally respect your privacy) but whatever the problem, if nothing has changed in a year i doubt it will. People have to want to change, often they will say what they think you want to hear for a quiet life, but carry on as normal. Hope you can work things out to your benefit.

I cant add to anything because @SexInTheCity and @CurvyJilly34F have said it well, unfortunately you do try and try and try and it gets worse for yourself self confidence goes, if the relationship isn’t going to where you would like it to go, have a serious think if it’s worth continuing, you have to be happy as well.

I can only add that maybe couples counselling might be worth considering.

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Thanks for ur reply
Sorry I should of said it was mr writing the post talking about the mrs .

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Thanks I know what I have do now

Cheers fella
Ano she will never change now so I’m gone

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Good luck whatever you do @Horny_from_wigan


It’s all about being happy
Thanks for reply

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I can’t see it making a diff? She will never change
Thanks for reply

Good luck! :+1: