Your worst WTF moment than even shocked yourself!?

As the title says whats yours? Mine was probably a few days ago when around my Sis-in-laws for Christmas, it was a Freudian Slip to end all Freudian slips! I have shared on here a few times I have a bit of a crush on my Sis-In-law, think it's because she's the absolute spitting image of my OH, same height but a few stone bigger and she's one of those girls who wears the weight and curves very well! Anyway we was getting getting drinks out of the bottom of her side board, she was on her knees, I was stood next to her and she was handing me the booze! Before my brain had chance to engage and interrupt my mouth, probably guided a bit by my cock I muttered those immortal words "whilst your down there" I was mortified at what I'd said and scared at what her reaction would be, I was shocked as my Sis-in-law just turned around and gave me that smile and winked!! Regardless of the outcome I still look back on it and think WTF was my mouth thinking!!