1/2 cup & 1/4 cup bras

My OH is thinking of possibly getting a 1/2 cup or even a 1/4 cup bra to show off her ample assets in the bedroom.

How practical are they to wear over time though, are they ok for just an evening or would wearing one all day be comfortable?

Might depend on how much support she requires? If she tends to need quite a lot of support from her bras, then it's worth bearing in mind that these bras obviously don't provide quite as much from hat perspective. But if just underwiring is enough (and the bra fits fine), then she could get away with wearing one all day!

They're a definite no no for me. No way do they offer anywhere near enough support for my 40F boobs ! x

I only find these comfortable for less than an hour in the bedroom and I barely have any assets! I think it will depend on her bra size and how much support she likes

It depends really. I have a quarter cup bra which is just for bedroom only but a half cup bra I have would be a bit more wearable as there's a piece of lace that extends up from each cup so at least stops my boobs from spilling out but as that is a particularly nice one that is a bedroom only one!

Now I have seen some half cup bullet bras which are intended for longer wear but they give a very particular bust shape which isn't for everybody and bullet bras can be a bit funny to fit as cup sizes from regular bras don't quite translate over to bullet bras.

Thanks for the replies. At 38G I think pickings might be slim even just for evening use without risking falling out with every move.

There are a couple which we like the look of such as;


However without any reviews I think we'll leave it for the moment as unfortunately if they didn't fit the damage to my wifes confidence would take a long time to repair. Unless anyone has any good experience if course.

I've just had a wee look at the one you have linked, although it is stunning, Dreamgirl recommend you go a size up if you have a more ample bust size. I wouldn't think it would be comfortable for her.

What about something like:




I know they aren't bras but they would be great for bedroom wear.

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll have to have a think and decide what to go for.
She's not so fussed about support and will quite happily go without a bra for a few hours but wearing something that is uncomfortable is not going be a good thing.

I'd love someone to invent a quarter cup bra for my 38GGs. My husband would love them.

I've had very mixed success with 1/2 and 1/4 cup bras, and I'm not that busty (32DD) They definitely don't give a nice shape under clothes, so I wouldn't want to wear them all day.

If she is happy with the shape of her boobs, and doesn't need support, I would suggest an open cup style instead. Much easier to get the size right and just as sexy.