You know zero about me but you’re judging me by one comment I said. I’ve been posting on her on & off for years. I like to keep my life as private as I can on here.

Regarding my profile picture, I did used to have a picture up but when the forum was updated, it seemed you had to jump through hoops to get it back again. I just haven’t bothered to do it again.

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Speaking personally I don’t think there was anything wrong with querying the authenticity. I believe it’s all legit and I enjoy reading the updates but I don’t think politely questioning the legitimacy is worthy of the backlash you’ve had from some.

I think @anna.michelsburg response:

was hilarious and should probably have been the end of it… though admittedly I enjoyed @Melody1 comment! :joy:

I’ll shut up now and let @anna.michelsburg 's adventures continue.


Here here @Peitho, hopefully we can all just let this one be :slight_smile:

@WeFCUKaLot I think through Anna’s updates a lot of us feel she has given quite a lot and became defensive, much like if a friend has been accused of being a liar for example. Unfortunately some people take a ‘best form of defense, is attack’ approach and you’ve been on receiving end.

I think all @Bigiain was trying to say is the comment itself may have been better unsaid.

And this (I think) was just an excellently humored play on words with your ID, nothing personal meant when read the full comment, very tongue in cheek.

Would like to suggest drawing a line under it all and await the next installment :hugs: :handshake: :lovehoney_heart:


I am very sorry, it seems my post might have been inappropriate. My sincere apologies if I offended anyone by teasing slightly about the argument I seem to have caused.


I love the updates, please keep them cumming. :wink:

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@anna.michelsburg I flagged it and I assume others did too not because it was inappropriate (it wasn’t!), but it contained a picture (animated .gifs count too) which outside of the picture threads is against the LH rules.

Sorry, I had no idea.

I thought it was just the photo of my tits on my profile page which could get me in to trouble!


Good meme though @anna.michelsburg xx

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My tits are now a meme?

No, I meant the one you posted. Although I’m sure someone can make your tits a meme if you want!

I know I am just being silly.

I always had that fantasy of accidentally having a photo of me topless on Facebook or something and everyone at work seeing it.


@anna.michelsburg I haven’t been offened, if it is fiction then A star for imaginative writing, if it is true A star for effort.


(post deleted by author)

Yes @anna.michelsburg please keep up the updates , it is one of my highlights for the week. A read not to be missed.

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@anna.michelsburg - I totally agree with @steve19 , keep posting!!!


@anna.michelsburg i love how much you have been learning about yourself on your journey. You GO gal. Only live once and all that jazz. When the right relationship(s) happen for you you’ll recognise it. Own your power :heart:


I am hoping that @anna.michelsburg has not stopped posting her updates. I have been waiting in anticipation this week but have seen no posts. I hope you are ok Anna and have just been too busy. I know i’m not alone when I say 99% of the forum members love your updates and posts.


I was thinking the same yesterday. I wait in anticipation and hope that @anna.michelsburg has not been put off her updates, I look forward to reading them.

Couldn’t agree more pal, between her updates and other beauties selling their underwear, it’s one of our favourite updates.

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Hello everyone

Sorry for the lack of updates. A few excuses, firstly half term, secondly decorating and no office, and thirdly and most worryingly no news!

Another unsuccessful wedding this weekend. Well, unsuccessful from the perspective of the competition but successful in that my lovely friend is so happy and we all had a perfect day despite the weather.

I am continuing to see the intensive care consultant, Bumble guy has drifted off the scene, and there have been occasional coffees, walks, and gropes with others but nothing exciting enough to report here.

I have a couple of evening dates over the next week and the intensive care consultant is having a dirty stop out at mine on Saturday so I am sure I will have more to report.

I feel I have let you all down. Very happy to answer any naughty questions if it will fill the gap in your expectations …

Anna - xxx