1 testcal

Would women find me having 1 testical a turn off ?

I don't think so at all - your personality, sensitvity as a lover and how well you treat people all matter a lot more than looks. But I know women who have had mastectomies have often had similar issues to do with appearence and self-esteem. Have you been offered any kind of counselling?

No ive been doctors about premature ejaculationand hes not very helpfull at all i wantee a a non biased opion of how it looks my gf says she likes it but shes obv gunna say that its just not easy thing to get a opinion on lol its killing my confidence

I really don't think having 1 testical will be a put off for most women. What I would say if it is affecting your self confidence because of the appearance is see your doctor. They can put in an artificial testical. I know because a friend has one.

Wouldnt bother me in slightest, like the saying it’s not the boat it the motion of the ocean!

I dont fancy more surgery and my other testical is really tender

Ithink you mentioned on another thread that your surgery was only a year ago. That's not long for a physical recovery in such a sensitive area. In terms of tenderness, see your GP if you are worried but I suspect your body just needs more time to settle down.

As far as what women think - believe what your girl friend says! Women look for kindness in their relationships above and beyond what body parts might look like.

It seems to bother you more than your gf and as K&c30s says, there could be artificial solutions available, when the time is right.

Any reasonable person would not be bothered, the same as if a woman has a mastectomy, it doesn`t alter the person. Plus you still have a functioing testicle, so don`t worry.

I no my other balls working bur since op i can only last 2 mins max delay spray doesnt work at all running out of options lol

Personally not at all. But if it bothers you, you can have a prosthetic one, saline filled or silicon. They come in a range of sizes shapes and can be attached or free floating.

Totally agree MsR, it is the person and who they are as a lover that counts. Counselling is also a great way of talking through moving onto the new normal of what's happened to your body, good luck.

My husband has had just one testicle since birth. No problem at all to me. We all come in different shapes and sizes in all areas of our bodies. If a partner is bothered then it's them, not you, that has the problem. Be happy your girlfriend isn't bothered and is being supportive.