18 inches plus!

Hi, can anyone help...
I can take an 18 inch double dildo toy fully but want more, does anyone have any recommendations / recommendations?
Thanks, D.

Is it length or girth you need cos i have a couple of Idea's for ya :D

there is this>> http://www.orgasmarmy.com/anal-toys/domestic-partner-prowler-butt-plug/reviews.aspx or this meaty mucker!! >> http://www.orgasmarmy.com/anal-toys/target-practice-b-50-round-butt-plug/reviews.aspx

just incase ur a lady and want it for the lady area there are these...>> this which by the way i can recomend from personal use :D http://www.orgasmarmy.com/dildos/frenchy-super-cock/reviews.aspx it has a thick head and its long, or.. >> or this which is 23 inch's long>> http://www.orgasmarmy.com/dildos/super-william-giant-dildo/details.aspx and it has a 17.75 circumference... I hope that I was a little helpful to you :D

It's definitely length I'm craving, a Double Juicer is also good for filling me up as it's long AND wide but I'm really seeking more length, say 20 inches or better.
^_^ D.

ok you have set me a task, and I shall provide the"one" that you seek!!

Hi Domnick, i have a product on my website that might be of use or just what you are looking for,
Its 56cm long (22"), 7cm Diameter (2 3/4"), 21 cm Cirmcuference (8 1/4")

heres the link

take a look and i hope it helps
thanks nortyknicks

hmm, not bad but is there anything out there that's perhaps 24"?

check this out...Extra Long Double dildo...

hi domnick have you tried a set of drain rods

That's gotta hurt in the morning....

ohh...that one sounds like a winner! >^_^<

How about...

Makin my eyes water thinkin about it!! Crikeeee!!

It sounds like you should get something that is at least 24" minimum. At least an even 2' sounds like it should be good.

>.< Yikes! 15 inches is as big as I'd go.
This is the biggest I can find.
Its probably already been posted....and I must say the thought of trying to use this scares the crap out of me. Do people actually manage to use these? O_o

Hate to ask a dumb question, but how's it possible to insert two foot of dildo up your ass? According to my tape measure that'd mean the end of it would be way up under your rib cage. Is it doubling up inside or something?

BTW - I was once advised by a doctor that it can be medically dangerous to insert anything longer than your rectum - eight inches tops. Personally I enjoy width rather than length.

I have a 16" dildo and have managed to get 14" of it in but no more than that, and it was only when I was very very relaxed I could do it (don't use it very often anyway, prefer my smaller 8" dildo). I can't see how anyone is able to get much more than 14" in (unless you are alot taller than 6ft) cos it just has nowhere else to go surely!

Hi Domnick you still alive mate!!!

Despite being six four l go along with BBG in that l rarely feel easy about anything much longer than eight inches stuck up there!! hoping to meet an 8" todger owner and try it out from various angles, seem to recall biology suggests you should turn left, or was it right, at Luton!! ha ha


BBG you ever effect that south wester rendevouz?

Understand entirely if discretion prevents answering.

Hello people...

I regard myself as a bit of an anal king, and have managed to accomodate every single inch of this...


That's right....21 inches totally disappeared up my ass and it felt unbelievable. Even the fact that you know you're pushing ridiculous boundaries is such a big turn on! I've recently spent waaaaaay to much money on quite a few toys...but if anyone wants to buy this for me, then I'd be happy to provde video evidence! As long as the Mrs doesn't mind....which i'm sure she wont! ;-)