19 ways to speed up sex

Interesting article in my favourite comic the Daily Mail, how many in the forum agree with some of the suggestions?

Tracey Cox reveals 19 ways to speed up sex Tracey Cox reveals 19 ways to speed up sex | Daily Mail Online via https://dailym.ai/android

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Sounds terrible… I want to slow it down! The longer the better! lol


I’d like to slow it down as well!

Why would anyone want to make it faster? (Haven’t read the article - not my favourite organisation by a long way!).


Why would you want to speed things up. The longer the better in my book.


We’ve done some of these things - but not for this reason.
Me personally, I don’t want to speed it up. I like to take my time with him :smirk:


That article is awful…… I’m not a fan of Tracey Cox anyway but if you aren’t in the mood for sex, don’t have sex.

It reminds me of the sort of articles you’d get in the 90s. Not really up for sex? Well just pretend you are a porn star, fake the hell out of wanting and enjoying it, don’t worry your pretty little head about consent, and your man will be super happy!!! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Oh wow! There’s so much I hate about that article, I couldn’t even read to the end! It sounds like something written for women in the 50s. So sexist and degrading. Nothing mentioned (in the half that I read) about intimacy, pleasure for the vulva owner or even love and romance. If you’re not in the mood for sex, don’t have sex! Have a cuddle or a massage, just don’t feel you have to have sex and put up with it for the shortest possible time! :pleading_face::rage:


Yeah I’m not a fan of that article. I get that you need to make an effort but if I don’t want to have sex I’m not having sex. Thats it. I’m not pulling out a move to get it over with in 3 mins. Thats not the kind of sex I ever want to have and if anyone did any of those suggestions with me, I’d be hurt.
If you’re not in the mood for sex, have intimacy time instead.


Don’t speed it up on my behalf. I’d go drink some beer and hang out with the guys (like most nights anyways)

19 ways to speed up a dentist visit? I’m all over that!


Having read it, as a man, it’s horrible.

You, subservient woman, should please your man with sex when he wants it. Here’s how to make to ordeal over faster.

Really terrible.

I understand we all do things for our partners we don’t necessarily want at the time, i have even forced myself to have sex with my wife when i was exhausted and would have rather slept… we all compromise, but these tips, in the way they are presented, are pretty horrible.


I would add that however horrible they are fitting of the media publisher, sadly.

Also… her lovehoney squishy sex toy lines is pretty excellent.


Some of the stuff mentioned in this article, I’d utterly love if my other half done that too me, but if I thought for one second it was just to get it over with, like she’s ticking another daily chore off the list…… I would be absolutely devastated.

Yeah men desire to feel wanted too, but surely not like this.


What!! Only 19 ways? Couldn’t she round it up to 20?

What about

  1. Lie back and think of England. It was very popular in Victorian times. :joy::joy:

Ditto what’s the fun in having speed sex if it’s over and done before your head can register it all :sweat_smile:

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I love it when sex lasts as long as possible what a strange article! :sweat_smile:

On a serious note though I hate how society seems to assume that consent only applies to vulva havers!
The whole grabbing him as soon as he walks in. What if he’s not in the mood? What if he just had a really bad day and just needs someone to talk to?
Consent goes both ways and if it’s wrong to do to a vulva haver then it’s wrong to do on a penis haver too! :heart:


For me Tracey Cox giving sex advice is right on par with Martin Lewis and his financial “Tips”

Filed directly in the recycle bin of life.

Fooking hell it’s over in a flash as it is for me I don’t want to speed it up ! I’d of cum before I’d arrived ? Lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


But I want sex to last longer not be over faster. Judging buy everyone’s comments I’m not alone in this thought.


Oh god, everything about that article is wrong!
I’d actually feel pretty upset if I knew that a partner was doing all those things just so the whole deed could be done and dusted as quickly as possible :worried:


Agreed, it seems so out of touch with the times we live in.

Dare not show the OH, that would be me in the dog house.