1st time butt plug public advice

Hi all
I am new to this forums.
I have been wearing a butt plug numerous times around the house since i recieved it. I love it.
So tonight i am going to go out in public with it for the 1st time! Exciting but nervous.
Any advice i should follow?

Hello and welcome! I have never used a buttplug outside so I don't have any advice, but others may have :)

Be careful if you fart :)

I think I'd be too aroused to wear it out! I guess supportive underwear is a must! Sounds hot tho, let us know how it goes!

its definately on my wish list and I agree explorers123 - tight underwear will give security..

I have an inflatable which you dont need to worry about because you can inflate to the girth which you know wont slip out but unfortunately the pump tube remains attached.... :-(

maybe invest in something that's integrated:


These look so hot!

I often wear mine out and about. Wear close fitting undies if you're worried about it making an unscheduled appearance (mine never has) and if you're going to be wearing it for a long period of time, then relubing may be neccessary otherwise removing it could become painful and difficult xx

lots of lube if its in for a long time, if it dries out it aint fun, enjoy