2nd or maybe ''advanced review'?

Anyone know if this is allowed - or if it would be a good idea to start doing it? (I got the idea after commenting on the post about Rumbly and Buzzy toys)

We all write reviews after a few uses.... I try to get a good 6 tries minimum, with a toy before writing reviews nowadays as I've learned that first impressions or even 2nd impressions aren't always right.

I'd like to alter a review. I gave a sparkling review to a toy - The Rocks of Unihorn Stardust - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38925 but found after just a few uses it lost almost all of the vibes in its tip - the shaft still buzzes so it's not faulty as such. Dunno if it was just first impressions making me think the tip was amazing...or if it really has lost power though! and maybe I was a little keen writing the review (as a bit of a newbie to the site)

Anyone else made this mistake - and what with?

We don't like to have mutiple reviews from one person as it messes with the star ratings on toys and can make it less accurate. 

So, if you do have a review that you may like to amend or add to, then contact customer care. also, they can help determine if an item has become faulty or has an issue. 

Best thing though is to get the most use out of it before reviewing that way it has your full feedback included the first time :) 

Thanks, Leanne - I know and understand, my love, I really was maybe a bit too keen writing the review as I thought it was amazing the first few times we used it! I'll contact CC to see about an update or if it's faulty - ty for your help xx