3 for £75 suggestion

I'm currently struggling to decide on a third thing to choose and something popped into my head, I was wondering if it was possible for a Fleshlight or something better for males could be added please? I doubt it can be done today but I've seen some new things appearing on there today so maybe it's possible

"If you don't ask, the answer will always be no"

Better than the tenga strokers? :O

Well, well, well. You'll just have to see what's in store over the coming months. 3 for £75 is still in a trial period and depending on how it goes we might stop it, or we might expand it.

Young and fun- do you recommend one of those then?

Alice- The main reason I was looking at the 3 for £75 was because of the We-vibe, I was given strict orders to obtain one before my anniversary in September but it's being discontinued. Now I'm not sure what to do

It would be nice to see some more male toys in the 3 for £75 offer, its very much skewed towards female customers at the moment.

Oh i agree with Dali. When i was looking in 3 for £75 i got the wand - mostly for me, pvc sheet - for both of us but was struggling to find something for him. We ended up with TC penis pump and he loves it, but most of toys in the deal are for females.

My OH would deffinately recomend it, he has many strokers and although he enjoys them he struggles to cum for anything but sex, this gave him a mind blowing orgasm in 2mins max. He claims it was designed by god and is only to be used on special occasions, we have this and the we vibe and the wand. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22882

I would love to see fleshlights in this offer!

The pink lady supertight sleeve was in it for a brief time so maybe...maaaaybe...we'll see something again? :)


I have raised this issue in the past, and the problem is, there is a vastly significant higher number of toys for females than males - meaning that there will always be a higher amount of stock of female toys, hence why they make up the bulk of the offers. Generally speaking, most of the better male toys are in the £40+ price bracket, meaning LH would be making a substantial loss if they were adding toys of that value to the offer (at least that's the way I see it anyway).

But these offers to change all the time, and items get added/removed based on stock levels.. so just keep looking and you never know what might pop up.

They have at least two female/couple toys that are £40+ so it wouldnt be unreasonable to have at least one male toy like a fleshlight in there.

Of course theres always going to be more female toys in these offers as they are the bigger market but its a bit too one sided at the moment.

I got the We-Vibe and it's amazing!!! I got a rabbit too, but I'm really not keen on it at all! I also got these position straps which are utterly amazing! I totally love them - http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=26537

I also got the little silver lovehoney ben wa balls, and used the 25% off code that was emailed to me and got them all for £60! Amazing!