3 items to rescue

You need to leave your home in an emergency, not knowing if you’ll ever be able to return… you can only take 3 items with you… what are you going to take and why???

Omg this impossible :open_mouth:
I’ll need to ponder for a while :thinking:


Perhaps it would help if I chose mine…

  1. Obviously the phone, cant live without that.
  2. The toy box, wouldn’t want anyone finding that haha.
  3. Beer, I’m probably going to need it :wink:
  1. Phone
  2. Wallet
  3. Passport
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1: Photographs of my babies.

2: My phone.

3: My bank card.


1: Photographs irreplaceable.
2: Contacts details and to let people know.
3: To be able to live and support myself.

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My wife

My dog