30G boobies.

Hello everyone,

First time message, and I'm in need of advice. My wife has amazing 30G boobs, and being a man i love to see her in sexy lingerie. But I have trouble trying to find bras in this size. Can anyone help.



Bravissimo is probably your best bet...

I have the same problem im a 30f/ff the bra im wearing in my pic is 32DD so at the moment if i want sexy padded bras i have got to go down a cup size and up a back size.

Ultimo do big cup sizes as does la senza, but very limited on the 30 back sizes Gossard aswell i think and annsummers but there not padded gel like ones that i love. Know wonder the majority of women are wearing wrong sized bras.

http://www.ultimo.co.uk/shop/fashion http://www.lasenza.com/

Yeah, i've had a look at bravissimo, but they don't seem to be very sexy, more practical, and they're quite pricey too, i don't expect they'll be left on too long either. but thanks anyway.

I'm 30E/F ish depending on the bra but like sweet cherry I tend to wear 32DD just because the bras are so much easier to find!

Figleaves is quite a good website for getting nice bras in difficult to find sizes (I'm just too poor to shop there!)


Looks like wonderbra do some as well, but a nice silky pink set would be nice, I'll try a smaller cup and larger back.

Is there anyway to search loveyhoney for bra sizes, or do you just have to look at each page?

Wow. 30 is a lot of gravitational force!

Hey, I also have large ( not as large as your ladies!) breasts, so had a search -

http://lovebras.com/SearchPage.aspx?type=1&size=&brand=&colour=&sectionid=&text= some nice, sexy bra's on here

Hope you find something nice xx

Is there anyway to search loveyhoney for bra sizes, or do you just have to look at each page?

http://www.naturallyclose.co.uk/shop/? is a good one too, but again either mostly pratical or expensive

Equis wrote:

Is there anyway to search loveyhoney for bra sizes, or do you just have to look at each page?

it dosent look like it. might be worthwhile typing in "30 G bra" in the search box at the shop section. ( in the forums it brings up topics)

I agree that Bravissimo is more practical than sexy. But I think you might have to just adjust to the cost - larger breasts need good support and that isn't cheap.

Although if it's something just for the bedroom, support can go out the window a little: as long as she's just popping it on, doing a wee dancey and then ripping it off or jumping into bed, you can get away with somethign that wouldn't work for all-day wear. Plus, if you're doing the more pretty than practicle thing, you can ditch bras altogetehr and look at ideas like babydolls or body stockings or what have you.

If you want something she can wear under clothes, then you're going to be paying over the odds, because she either needs the quality support, or a back brace and wheelchair. Sucky, but skimping on a bra is not really an option. And it's harder to make them look sexy when they need to have five foot wide straps and about twenty hooks down the back, so best you can probably look for is a practical bra with a fistful of lace tacked on. Remember though that it's not about how the bra itself looks, but how it'll look on her - otherwise you'd be as well sitting alone with the catelogue - and something plain-looking might be amazing when worn by her. Think about what exactly you like her in (lace? ribbons? silk? cotton? etc.) and try and find things that match that rather than looking at isolated pictures and trying to decide if they're 'sexy'. Still going to cost you though. :)

Yeah it was more for the dancing about and having it ripped off her, don't really want to have to get the bolt cutters out, it might extinguish the fires of passion.

Asda has some nice sets, you could look for 32FF or 34F there if it's just for bedroom wear? She'd just need to fasten it on tighter hooks to get the lift....

My forst post :)

As Miss TerryC said... Asda do some... I think they do upto a G cup. I used to be about a 32 FF/G but am now a 32 E after an op. an Asda was one of the only places that done big ones. and not just from 40!! Bravissimo have a few nice ones,,... well. they did wen i looked before. :)

I have soooo much trouble find everyday bras to fit my size let a lone finding sexy ones. I'm a 30H and shop at bravissimo, they can be a tad overpriced but as you've said they aren't all that sexy and the ones that are sexy often stop at a size 30F. Simply yours do bra sizes from 30 - 50 A-JJ at around £27 so maybe that might be more helpful.

simly be do some really sexy bras in all sorts of sizes.


Asda for sure!

i'm a 36/38 G and find it really hard to find nice bras in my size but i have bought 3 from asda in the past two months, considering before that i owned one white and one black bra thats pretty good!

i bought one from ann summers recently that is awesome quality but it was the only bra in a 36g in the whole shop!

but definately asda!

VW x

I'm not a 30G but I'm 36DD-E so often look out for brands that do bigger bras. Also I am a bra addict I have over 60currently and the new season has just started coming in for the winter, so I've been searching a lot of the shops and put my name on waiting lists.

Brands like freya and panache do 30G. freya do more pretty bras often with no padding, and panache do a mix of dark sexy colours like in theremasquerade range which is for women with bigger boobs. I often find ebay a good place to get these bras. But also http://www.belle-lingerie.co.uk/g1/search/size/129/showall/true/ is very handy.

and as sweet cherry meantioned ultimo do 30Gs also they have an exclusive brand to debenhams call adore moi. debenhams also has a area for +dd bras which is handy and you can find over 90 bras at 30g often in the sale. also if you find a bra on the ultimo site that you like the look of and it goes up to the size you want but it isn't in stock you can sign up for email notifications, there site is very good.

in the past month or two ann summers has expanded alot of there designs to fit more women who are bigger than the DD cup this also includes G. There onlinesales are great.

ASDA bras are ok, good value for money. I like there michelle for george range, but the other day I ordered a black lacey longline bra from there normal range and it is good and I think it went up to 30G.

Wonderbra do do a DD+ range though I have had mixed experiences from them, their Dita von tease range last year was just fab and some of the items can be found on ebay still. But I have found that some of there bras are a perfect fit where as others can look a bit odd and feel uncomfy.

Another place to look is next as they sometimes have bras up 30G, every so often even some of there multi packs.

Marks and spencers also do some bras in 30G, though I have found some of there bras a little uncomfy.

Littlewoods has a few and currently has a purple bra by freya in 30G which looks ok.