50 shades rose toy

I recently got the 50 shades rose toy and it’s great! I love it

But I can’t seem to find my booklet or how to to turn on the travel lock. Help?

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Could you try contacting customer care? Someone else might be able to help you out later, but in the meantime,it’s worth dropping them an email or trying the live chat.

Hi, it’s not a toy I own but in a quick search of the reviews for “travel lock”, mulitiple reviews state the same instructions, to quote one “It is a discreet toy to take on the go with a travel lock feature (Hold both buttons for 3 seconds).”

So yeh, try holding both buttons for 3 seconds and that should apparently activate it :+1:.

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What @Peitho said. I have one too and yeah, it’s that :joy:

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