£9.99 Products and Postage?

I know it's not profitable to give free postage with orders under £10, but for things that are £9.99, is that intentional to mean you have to buy something else or pay for postage? Would there be a possibility of rounding up the prices?

Basically I just bought a 99p sachet of lube to put it over the £10 minimum that I don't want, don't need, and won't use - just because it's cheaper than postage, which seems a bit wasteful!

When this happens to me I just usually buy the Lovehoney mints because I always use them. ☺️

Ooh that's a good idea, I do love mints! I couldn't find any lovehoney ones though, unless you meant the Bijoux ones? If not, could you link! I did find a mint breath spray though so I might have to get that next time! It's just a shame I've already bought everything cheap on my wishlist :p


All items on the site are individually priced according to a wide, wide range of factors - but pricing at £9.99 to sneak an item in under the free postage limit is not one of them. Honest!

A line had to be drawn somewhere, and £10 for free delivery is still low in the scheme of things. When the minimum order for free delivery was brought in, we were careful to create other offers that would enable people to get their free delivery. For example, our lead offer on the homepage is 3 for £10 - which means people get great value and qualify for free delivery.

i do have this problem sometimes but no matter where the line was drawn someone would have this issue. i tend to either buy in bulk or buy a little prezzie for OHs stocking :)

I wasn't trying to suggest there was anything sneaky or underhand about it, honest! It was just the first thing I could think of that would mean the price would be the penny different. I know the £10 limit is low (especially compared with competitors!), I was just thinking there might be a way to round it up without wasting lube! Perhaps I would be better asking what people's favourite make-weight items are instead :)

Sorry I can't find the mints on here anywhere they was the lovehoney brand ones they was 99p or £1. I spoke to live chat but they can't find them ether :(

Can't you have the option to pay a extra1p on a order if it's £9.99 or add 1p to your account to use next time

The Lovehoney mints have now been discontinued :(

Not long ago postage used to be free on everything! There was a lot more gifting those days too because people could send each other little cheap items for fun! But if people are ordering maybe a sex coupon book for £2, and Lovehoney are paying more for postage, it didn't really make sense for them to be losing money.

What made me sad was the next day delivery was bumped up to £50 minimum spend, but now I just always spend at least £50 becuase I always want next day delivery, I couldn't stand to wait a few days! I think I've also reached a point where the only things left for me to buy are expensive things haha!

I remember that a lot of people were upset about the postage rising but I can assure you Lovehoney changed a lot of prices and put on more offers for £10 to make it easier for everyone, but I can understand your frustration. Maybe next time save up and buy a few things at once? I used to always place an order every month because I was keep spending things here and there and it made more sense to build up a wishlist and get a lot of things all at once.

A few months ago I gifted several of these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29731
To get free postage I added a second item, sweeties were a favourite!

@The LH Fairy - I'm not a fan of your name :P I always send my gifts annonomously, although sometimes I'm found out. But it kind of means that anyone who chooses that they want to remain anonymous when sending gifts, can do so, but everyone would just think it was you?

I added a pair of stockings the last time I needed some extra pennies to add up to it :) And as someone who doesn't live in the UK a free delivery over 10£ is more than brilliant!

And everyone knows Cazz is the ultimate fairy hahaha!!

MrsMcX wrote:

And everyone knows Cazz is the ultimate fairy hahaha!!

She is and she makes a great fairy!



MrsMcX wrote:

The Lovehoney mints have now been discontinued :(

That's such a shame! I wouldn't even mind if I had to put them on every order, they look great, and such good reviews! I now feel I've lost something I never even knew I had haha. I have no problem adding another item - it's just what the items ARE that eludes me! I wish there was an option to search for everything under £4 on the site! (There isn't, right?)

Ohh and I usually buy a couple of things at once, but I'm not supposed to be buying anything at the moment, and just had to make an exception... the bullet in my RO mini G has run out, so urgently needed to be replaced! :p

I usually stick something like lube or stockings on to get mine over £10. I might not need them at that exact moment in time but I know they will be used at some point

My o/h used http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13558 to send me a cheeky order to push it over £10 but it seems they will soon be sold out too.

If I absolutly need to bump up postage I add batteries. They're reasonably priced and will definitely be used at some point. It's always handy to have some spares around.