A beginner and nervous

After a random Love Hony advert i asked my partner of 7 years the question iv been wanting to ask her aince the begginning. Whould she be intrested in exploreing toys? She says she has an open mind but other than knowing inwant to tey toys i havent got a clue where to begin. Help!

Hi, welcome to the forums! You've done the hardest part in my opinion and that is bringing it up! Have you ever used any toys before? If not starting small is the way to go, anything too big can be quite intimidating!

Ask her what she likes, let her have a wee look on the website. There are so many different things available. In my opinion, I am not an expert at all I have to say, a great start I a vibrating cock ring. They are cheap and cheerful, gives sensations to both of you and they are not intrusive. Also recommend a really good water based lubricant.


For her, it depends on what she likes. If she's a clitoral stimulation kind of girl, then I'd recommend a bullet vibrator. Can be used by her or you and they are nice and discreet so can be used during sex in most positions.

For you, I'm not sure if you're interested in toys too, but a stroker would be a good starting point if you are. It doesn't have to be used alone, it can be used by her on you.

For both, I'd suggest a vibrating cock ring. Some have dotted/bumped areas or rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris whilst the ring will boost your erection.

This kit would be perfect for starting out as none of these toys are intimidating and all three are couple friendly. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=35239

Don't forget to pick up a bottle of good quality water-based lubricant to go with them. I'd recommend this one http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31583

Have fun!

Hello, and welcome to the forum :) xx

Hello and welcome to the forum :)

Hello & welcome to the forum.

How about showing her this site and having a look together? Espically reading the foums really help. You will see so many people in the same boat. Its handy to read ideas and get tips. We are a friendly bunch and shes welcome to ask any questions.

Maybe start with a board game? Monogamy is very good. You can also get a monogamy toy kit to play with.

Or we started with 3 for £10 and worked our way up from there. That was u can find out what you do and dont like without spending a lot. Maybe pick a toy you like, she likes, and one you both like. Or again a toy for u, her & together.

And dont forget to keep us updated!

Welcome , I'd always recommend something small and simple. So ty some bullet clit vibrartors.


I agree that looking through the site together could be a good idea, watch some product videos, see what you like the look of.

For a starter toy for a woman I'd recommend a bullet vibe. My first toy was the rocks off 80mm bullet and I still love it today.

Good luck and have fun!

Link to rocks off bullet:


But there are so many out there to chose from! I'd avoid the cheapest single speed ones because they don't give you enough variety.

Hi and welcome:)

Hello and Welcome

Go on here together.. have a lpoke at what might tickle your fancy. Cock rings are good but in all fairness they don't do that much for me or my OH. A bullet for her may be a great way to start, if she enjoys clitoral stimulation. A multi speed is the best way to go!

Hi & welcome, as said before sit down together, browse the site. Read reviews, watch vids, maybe make a wishlist, scare yourself at how much your wish list'll cost!

Most questions no matter how bizarre the request may seem can be answered by someone here.

We're easy going friendly and non judging of anyone no matter what they may or may not enjoy.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves and your time here.

Hi welcome to the forum,as you are both new to toys I would go with a simple bullet vibrator to start the Rocks Off Ro-80 has always been a favourite of ours and would I think be a good place to start.I also think exploring the site together would be a very good idea as you will both get an idea of what each other likes the look of.

Oh, how fun that you're beginning to explore toys together! :) It can be so much fun, but I'd recommend taking it slow in the beginning. Start with something simple, like everyone sais. Something like a bullet for her, and maybe a cock ring for you? Or something else you've been tingling to try :)

Also, sitting down together and having a look at what's available, whilst talking about what you find intriguing, is probably a good idea. Have fun with it! :)

Thanks for the advice. Iv made up a wish list containing loads of diffrent things from dice (cos ot seems so silly) to bullits and cock rings. I will show her tonight and see if she feels froggy

Panikin wrote:

Thanks for the advice. Iv made up a wish list containing loads of diffrent things from dice (cos ot seems so silly) to bullits and cock rings. I will show her tonight and see if she feels froggy

Excellent! She may even surprise you..!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

She has agreed to the little vibrater and a cock ring. I am really happy. So now i just have to save up the penniea

Hello and welcome.

Why not set up a wish list each, sit down separately and fill them in, then sit down together and compare, see if you have picked any similar items - discuss, order and have fun xxxx