A question about anal play...

Hi there everyone,

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now but this is my first post *shy wave*.

My husband and I are currently enjoying what I would call a reawakened sex life. Life got in the way in recent years, but we have now happily returned to our previous sauce.

He (and I) have always enjoyed anal sex - although I am enjoying it more and more as time goes by I would consider us intermediate players XD

I bought us a buttplug - it was enormous but I coped with it and enjoyed it. I then bought us a smaller one which I love with a view to working back up to the larger one more comfortably.

***My question however, is how much is this going to change my body?***

I appreciate that experience and practice is allowing me to take larger toys, but I don't want to lose the tight feeling from just my OH.

Put it this way - I'm now a mum and my poor lady parts are DEFINITELY no longer the same. I'd be gutted to lose that in the back door too... :O :O :O

Your advice, thoughts and "don't worryisms" most welcome :D x

Hi there and welcome to the forum!
I can't answer your question though, but I'm sure someone else in the forum can :)

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Don't worry. I've been playing anally with toys and having anal sex for most of my adult life (I'm 50). I can take and enjoy toys which are so much bigger than my oh and I'm still rea!ly tight for him. Your bum will stretch a huge amount if given the opportunity but will always return to 'normal' within a few hours. Hope this puts your mind at rest xx

Phew - there's a relief.

Terri - you look pretty spectacular at 50 <3

Thanks Guys

Hello there and Welcome to the Forums.
I agree entirely with what Terri JJ has stated, my wife and myself, use anal play as a big part in our love life, and it hasn't affected either of us in any way. So I wouldn't worry, and just ENJOY!! Yourselves :))

THanks RImmers :D

Agree with what has already been said. Anal play is an absolute must for me and I am enjoying stretching myself girth wise - prefer this to length, and certainly have no problems returning to normal.

Continue to enjoy it and don't worry xx

Hi there, and welcome to the forums. I agree with the other comments, as long as you are careful everything will return to normal :) x

anal play is one of those subjets for me i have found thta you either like it or dont the muscles will always return to its natural state just after time things seem to enter easier but you will not be left with a big hole lol i like a slight bit of anal play maybe a finger to help stilmuate the male g spot but in my experience not tried anything bigger x

Hi just a suggestion, a book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women is a fantastic informative book that is available from Lovehoney. The male version is also available, both are worth buying and will give you all the info and reassurance you need.

My OH and I enjoy anal play (9 years) , I have used glass butt plugs and anal beads and we have anal sex very very regularly. We also use an anal relaxant serum and I have never not returned to normal and my OH reassures me I feel just as tight as the first time we had anal sex!
Relax and enjoy, like above kegel exercises are never a waste of time and are great during penetration.

Lilmiss x