A tablet that can do...

Hi everyone, I want to buy a tablet, I know what I want the features to include but am not sure which tablets have these features. Also I would like user feedback on them.

- Expandable memory cards
- Easy to read as an ebook reader
- Able to use with as many different types of ebooks as possible
- Decent battery life (5 hours minimum watching videos etc)
- Wifi is a must, 3g would be nice but not essential. The 3g must be free.
- I can put my own media files onto the tablet via usb
- Touch screen
- Apps would be handy

I think that is about it for now. I will add any more as and when.

I have a samsung galaxy 2 I love mine

Free 3G... Good luck :)

based on the list, I guess a Samsung device of some sort is likely to be favourite.

The Kindle paperwhite does have free 3g, but would like a tablet more than a standard ebook reader. Worth asking :)

I used to have a phone like that but the screen just wasn't very good for reading.

Should add:
- Screen size at least 7 inch

I am using a BlackBerry playbook, which meets most of your requirements. It does not have expandable memory but is 64G.

Mine only has wifi but I think the latest one has 3G.

It is not as big as some tablets, but i find it is useful because it will fit in a large pocket. I got mine as it is designed to work with a BlackBerry phone, but i would imagine gine that the 3G version would work well as a stand alone device.

When I brought mine just over a year ago it was about £250, which I felt for a 64G device was good value.

I don't have a blackberry phone so that wouldn't be used. Well at least not at first, I may love the tablet and then go for a phone too. It does look good I am just not sure I would be making the most of the features.

I should clarify, I don't mind if it doesn't have free 3g but I want to be able to connect it to the network on my phone so that it uses the data on there rather than it's own data which would cost seperately.

The 64GB is a good size, I just didn't want one that was say 8GB, 4GB of which was the hardware so I was forever deleting files every time I have watched the film/read the book etc.

I have the Galaxy Tab 2 10" which is good, mine is only wifi, but can turn my phone in to a wifi hotspot and then it uses my phone data if I need it to out and about.

It's a great size for watching videos, iPlayer etc. I use the kindle app which is great, it also has it's own book app but haven't used that, as just convert stuff to work with kindle. You can buy an adapter cable for about a fiver so that you can use USB sticks with it and it has a micro Sd slot to expand the memory. I can't even remember which size I got, maybe 32g, but no idea, and I'm too knackered to get off the sofa and check lol...

Can down all the apps you want off the google play store.

Battery seems to last for ages, I was surfing the net on it for hours over the weekend and it didn't even get down to 50%...

I love the galaxy range tho and also have an S4 phone, after loving the S2 for 2 years.

Good luck with it :)

Thanks MTC :) I am thinking that either the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Google Nexus are the better options at the moment. Would be great if you could properly try before you buy though.

My friend at work has the Nexus which is good too, my choice was between those too, but decided to go for the 10" so went for the Galaxy. PC World/Currys had some demo's you could try from what I remember?

theMightyBum wrote:

As far as I am aware, there is no tablet currently on the market which fulfils all of your requirements.

Seriously? I didn't ask for much though in all honesty. Perhaps someone should invent one? *Take note techies* :)

Thanks for the advice. I am steering away from anything from Apple as I just find the products overpriced for what they are.

I've already got a basic kindle but I was thinking of getting a tablet when I have a job again, to replace my terrible laptop for emergencies and being out and about, so mostly just for internet and word processing for my writing and stuff like that.

I went in PC World the other day whilst passing and was disappointed to see that the tablets with the larger screens (say 10 inches) had a shorter battery life than the smaller screens :( The store here is smaller than the one in my home town though so there might be hope. I'd want a 20 inch because it will be a nice middle ground between portability and ease of use.

Oh well, I won't have a job until at least September so maybe someone will invent a better on then.

theMightyBum wrote:

Despina Rose wrote:

theMightyBum wrote:

As far as I am aware, there is no tablet currently on the market which fulfils all of your requirements.

Seriously? I didn't ask for much though in all honesty. Perhaps someone should invent one? *Take note techies* :)

I may be wrong of course. I so often am!

I don't actually know of a tablet that takes expandable memory cards, but maybe there is one I haven't heard of.

I don't mind using an usb stick with it or an memory card with an usb stick. I just want to be able to store things on the card so it doesn't use up lots of memory. Like series of TV shows :)

The Galaxy Tab has a slot for an SD card and is a great tablet. I think that will meet almost all of your requirements

The only place you will get free 3g is on the kindle, but that doesnt really tick your other boxes at all.

I'm not entirely sure if the Kindle fire has the free 3G option, but I know it doesn't have the removable SD card.

The books are easy it accepts a lot of formats, but it's easier to change the formats to .mobi using Calibre.

Samsung galaxy note 10.1 is what we both have.

If I take photo`s with my Sony A77, 24.3 mp dslt camera I tend to use a micro sd card in an sd adaptor which put simply means I can use the micro sd in the adaptor in lots of devices, cameras, lap-tops etc and on taking the micro sd out of the adaptor can put it in the micro sd slot in the galaxy note and upload the files and foto`s directly onto it, plus theres a double screen facility on it which lets you work on one side whilst viewing the other. ace piece of kit expandable up to 64gb i think and can be had with wi-fi and 3g.