A tenga egg or a stroker

I was thinking about getting my hubby a toy just for him and was wondering what people would recomend i only have about £15 to spend

thanx fizzy

i would also ve interested to find out, need a stocking filler for my hubby!

An egg would make a great gift as they're pretty novel and come with a little sachet of lube, but the onacups: http://search.lovehoney.co.uk/search?p=Q&asug=&w=tenga+onacup are only few pounds more and should last longer. You can not come in them, or use a condom, or wash them out to make them last longer than the single use.

I have use a stroker but its ok, the tenga egg on the other hand, I have not tried it yet as I think they can be used once, but with care etc its good for more playtime I've heard!

Oh the egg might be better as an easter egg gift for next year!

Or If you like the "The Sensation Stroker from Tracey Cox" it has good ratings its £20 but worth it for the high ratings!! I would try that one first! By those rating I might buy one myself!


oopps double posted then D'oh

Looking forward to Easter now :)

The DOTD is a stroker today but i really don't like the look of it but it does have some good reviews decisions decisions.

We've tried a few and although the eggs are good entry level toys we find that for couples play

http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=10580 is our fav. Although http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=22079 is good too.

the eggs are very novel , but if you partner has a large penis.. chip it off, they break easy , and if your too large , doesnt do to much :/ im saving for a stroker myself but going for a fleshlight... right now i have a discontinued product from LH , but it was around the same price and WOW!! strokers are better

A point worth mentioning is that although the eggs are very stretchy they're only really meant to be used on the head of the cock, so they're less satisfying than a stroker or onacup.

Good point Jake and my god they can be noisy! But. . .I do like the Tenga eggs! :)