A tight squeeze

Evening folks, need some help. About to pick my first masturbator toy but am afraid that it'll be too tight to enjoy. Measure 16cm in girth when going gets good with OH. Under docs orders missus can't have fun under the sheets 😭 so gonna buy myself a treat to relieve myself. All recommendations or advice appreciated

I'd read the reviews on any toy that grabs your interest

Ive read that these are the best textured masturbators around. i havent tried either so i have no opinion on thier texture. as for girth im about 15cm around and have no problem the material is very stretchy and soft so i dont think that you would have a problem with it.



Fleshlights are very soft and stretchy. I have the Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit STU Fleshlight: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13190

Few Fleshlights on sale!!:



Haven't tried a Fleshlight Quickshot but I would assume it's made from the same soft material if you are after something a bit smaller: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=34746

Or for a budget, get a cheap stroker. I have found these a bit too dense so can not recommend: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=30096

Pick up some lube too!

Fleshlights had caught my eye, that was the next question lol, which one is the best? Want one that let's me go deep, 8.5inch. Anyone's missus ever felt jealous to see yous having fun with this somebody else's vagina?

I can't advise on the toys you are asking about - no experience - but you are also asking if your OH would mind. I lost my libido for about 4yrs (early menopause, meds and family issues) and my husband and I discussed our options. I would say, firstly, don't use a toy in front of your OH if she feels sensitive about this - use it privately. Secondly, make sure she still feels loved and sensual. Massages, even just extra hugs and flowers, could help her accept that you still have needs but are not leaving her behind even if action between the sheets is off the agenda. There are lots of ways of being intimate and she might miss sex too. If you buy yourself a toy (a good idea imo) maybe buy her a silky nightdress and massage oil at the same time? Good luck!

Not all Fleshlights are designed to look like vagina's. Fleshlights tend to have a 6.5 inch ish internal canal so maybe not the 8.5 you are looking for. Check out the Fleahlight Flight pilot or Fleshlight Turbo thrust blowjob masturbated for examples.

I personally like the "Pro" range as they look like viginas but are not based on anyone in particular. I actually love helping out my OH with using his especially the smaller one as I get to tease him with it, but lube is a must.

Interesting to hear females point of view.

Ok, so gonna treat myself to a Fleshlight, any tips on cleaning up? Was gonna use condom, but still need to wash out the lube, so might as well enjoy it to the full.

Diggerman Baz wrote:

Ok, so gonna treat myself to a Fleshlight, any tips on cleaning up? Was gonna use condom, but still need to wash out the lube, so might as well enjoy it to the full.

There's a Lovehoney Fleshlight guide that you might find useful. It's got a section on cleaning as well as a few other bits and bobs. The Renewer powder is simply cornflour so you could save yourself a few quid and get that instead of the branded stuff.


I've not got a Fleshlight myself but I've heard good things about the warming rod accessory if you want to check that out.


Hope this helps 🙂