A toy for men that can be used discreetly in public?

Women have a lot of options for discreet toys can be used without people be aware. I was wondering if there is anything that can give me some pleasure during the day, that it discreet enough so people won't know. I'm wearing jeans and T shirts most of the time so butt plug or something for nipples probably will be visable (I also didn't try butt plug or nipple toys). I also trying to find other ways to please my self other than the old boring masturbation so this is one of the options I'm checking. So, any chance to find something that will tease me and will be pleasurable? Cheers!

@Fabulous 12, a butt plug will not be visible through jeans at all (unless it's a real monster with a massive flange!). I often wear one of a selection out in public, and it's great fun. I'd recommend something in glass or metal, as you can use a silicone lubricant that lasts longer and isn't absorbed as quickly as water based. Most butt plugs are designed with a flange that sits neatly between the butt cheeks, out of sight but preventing unwanted travel. Alternatively, there are some great prostate massagers here that are also discreet, but I find they can be a little too effective sometimes. If you're particularly brave, a vibrating butt plug would be the next level, with a remote, but be sure to know precisely how audible it is before taking it out on the road.

I'm not sure that there is much more in the way of options, unless you've got incredible self control. For me, anything that stimulates the penis at all would result in a raging hard-on, which is somewhat conspicuous in public, and rightly frowned upon. Anal stimulation I can get a great deal of pleasure from, without resulting in erection if I'm mindful.

A cockcage from the CB range can be worn. I’ve ha£ to wear mine while out and about nice or twice and unless your wearing slim fit jeans or some other thighs fitting clothing it’s unnoticable comfortable and dosent restrict movement. You know it’s there and it keeps you horny all day long and you have to wait for the key holder to release you.

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I'd suggest either a butt plug or a stainless steel cock ring .... or both simultaneously.

You will probably need to try a few butt plugs to find one that is stimulating but comfortable. I prefer ones with narrow T-bars, as the ones with a circular base can be uncomfortable between the bum cheeks. However, I find butt plugs for long term wear quite uncomfortable as I don't like sitting down while wearing them (feels like they are getting pushed inside). This seems to be worse for me on comfy sofas. My favourite is the Pure NJoy Stainless Steel plug.

My favourite cock ring is the DOMINIX Deluxe Stainless Steel Doughnut Cock Ring (available on this site). It's not too constricting, so good for long term wear. Best worn whilst going commando, especially under loose fitting light summer trousers or shorts. Then you have the double naughty delight of wearing a cock ring and being knickerless. The Dominix ring is also pretty heavy, so you get a nice tug and are constantly reminded that you are wearing it. Think I'll dig mine out tomorrow and wear it.

I like the thought of the metal cock ring. I’ve only tried rubber/vibrating ones so far and know I couldn’t leave that on all day. Are the metal ones designed to be looser? Would it just fall off if you don’t stay fully hard? I can just see it falling out my trouser leg and rolling across the office floor😂

Be wary of extended wear of anything designed to restrict blood flow, just 30 mins is the recommended timeframe for such items.

For discretion in public, definitely +1 from me for a butt plug, either static or vibrating depending on the level of noise that you can get away with.

TREBOR_1980 wrote:

I like the thought of the metal cock ring. I’ve only tried rubber/vibrating ones so far and know I couldn’t leave that on all day. Are the metal ones designed to be looser? Would it just fall off if you don’t stay fully hard? I can just see it falling out my trouser leg and rolling across the office floor😂

Hi, yes I understand your concerns ..... and I'm not here to sell you a metal cock ring.

But yes, they are looser ..... primarily because they are not elastic. So it's not like they grip you tight (depending on your size). I find that after a while I am completely flaccid, and firm up ever so slightly when walking or involved in physical activity. I certainly don't walk around with a stinging erection all day.

Think about it as being more like a piece of cock jewellry, a cock necklace if you like, rather than a traditional tight and stretchy cock ring.

And no, definitely won't fall off. To do that it would have to slide off your cock and balls simultaneously. Your balls will make sure that doesn't happen .... but yes, first time I wore mine I kept thinking it would slide off and kept having a sneaky check!

Perhaps best thing to do is to buy the larger one and try it around the house and see how you like it. But it's best if you go commando. Lovely feeling when walking upstairs with it on under loose shorts. Like someone is very gently cupping your cock and balls in your hand. You will need to be very floppy when putting it on (left ball, then right, then push the cock through .... I go tip first ..... looks like a car crash when it's halfway in). Forget lube .... just use loads of talc .... which is very sensuous down there as well.

Best if you are closely trimmed down there, or smooth. In fact, that's another thing you can do. Completely shave your cock, balls, legs, and ass. Lovely and cool in this hot weather and the smoothness is so sensual. Takes a little getting used to and quite high maintenance. Your legs will tan up better as well if you are into sunbathing.

Good luck with it.

Tahnk you all for your answers 😀

I have a steel butt plug and cock ring that is fun to wear without anyone else knowing ( unfortunately not offered for sale by LH) . Due to the shape and ridgidity, it cannot fall out but owing to the weight you certainly know that it's there with every bump or movement. It's one of my favourite solo toys.

I certainly agree that women have lots of options, It really depends what excites you i first stated to wear kinky stockings/tights under my clothes as it gives me a real buzz as its nice to feel and you have the naughty side that makes it a turn on, then i started to wear bodystockings underneath my clothes for the same reason.

I also have the perfect fit 2 inch ball stretcher, thats very comfortable to wear and its a really nice kinky feeling.

I like the idea of the steel glans ring i think that would feel nice to wear, something i will buy sometime.

I love feeling kinky outdoors when its just me knowing what I'm wearing.

I'm really not sure it is a good thing wearing butt plug all day. I mean, is it healthy? It's something that stuck in your butt all day and you put pressure on it when you sit... Also, does butt plug even cause any pleasure? I mean, it should touch the prostate for that. Al least that's what Im thinking.