Adult chat lines

Anyone ever call the chat lines or just cam these days to explore fantasies or just options ??

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Still lots of that going on but pretty old school. Do some research into virtual reality porn.

I think people must do or channels like babe station wouldn’t be still airing, having said that I’m not actually sure if it still is. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched normal tv :see_no_evil:

I just think with how technology is people want more close to the real thing but you could say the same with porn however all newsagents around me still sell dirty magazines so there has to be people out there still purchasing them.

Thanks @Deanna32 think your right especially babestation and mags

Be intrigued to know if chat lines is even a thing still

Yeah I hear people do call and did while back but wasn’t sure if these days it’s more cam stuff

Many many moons ago I was actually employed on a “Chat line” sometimes I also had to interview glamour models while many many people were listening in.

Very good fun job and the pay was also very good.