advice about using electro toys

Hi everyone

My girlfriend and I just brought an Electrastim kit after reading reviews about how good the sex was when using it. The kit comes with 4 pads and we don’t plan on getting any extra attachments yet. My question is where is the best place to put the pads for during sex?

I know not to put anything close the heart or anywhere above the waist really and that you have to make a circuit for the current to flow. Can we put one pad on each of us so the connection is made when we touch? Or is it best to have one circuit for me and one for her?

In terms of the feeling, I assume you only feel it where the current is flowing. If I am correct, does anyone know from where the best places are to get flow through both the penis and vagina while we have sex?

Thank you in advance guys

Does it not come with instructions ?

For something that is quite expensive I would have expected a comprehensive user manual.

well yes it does come with instructions on how to use the device and all that, but it cant beat advice from someone that actually uses it nor can I ask really specific questions

Hi Experimental_Couple,

The best place for me is on the butt cheeks. I place 2 pads on each cheek. It is incredible when you see and feel the glutes contracting and relaxing. On the thighs just underneath the butt cheeks feels good as well.

Anal electro-stimulation using an electro butt plug is brilliant. Have a look at the link below if you decide in the future. I cannot comment on vaginal electro stimulation:

With both the pads and the butt plug, I have to hold tightly to a table or against the wall as the contractions are strong.

However, all individuals ae different and you will have to experiment a bit to see where is your most erogenous zones. I used an acupressure and acupunture chart to see what nerve is where. Good place to start.

Caution: Above the waist is an absolute no-no, even if you are tempted to. No electro boxes come with instruction where to use them;just how to operate the kit.

I think you could be one of a few that has it. There are a few like myself thinking of going down this route if or when the prices ease a little.

So I will be keeping an eye on this thread with interest .

Hey experimental_couple

It really depends what sort of sensation you're looking for and there is a lot of room to experiment with these kits, but one of the best ways to use it for sex is to stick one pad on you and one on your partner. We usually recommend sticking it anywhere on the thigh as it's below the waist and usually convenient for most positions. 

By wearing a pad each you share one circuit between you. This results in you both feeling electrified tingle wherever your bodies touch. The more surface area you touch, the less intense the feeling (eg: If you lay on top of one another, you probably won't feel much, but if you touch just the tips of your pointer fingers in a Michaelangelo Sistine Chapel pose, the sensation would be much more intense.  

If you bought a Flick kit, you can also experiment by putting both pads on one of you, somewhere like the buttcheeks, and then flick the control to ramp up the sensation. Each flick feels a bit like a zappy spank, but without any actual impact. For the spanker, it's quite fun watching your partners bottom flinch without you actually touching them! 

Ooooh have been considering getting this for my and my BF so very interested to see how it all goes and whether it is worth the money. I was given a demo in a shop once and the sensation was amazing but never bit the bullet so to speak.

Do let us know how u get on please x

Really interesting read Jess, thanks :)

Hi experimental_couple,

we've got an Electrstim EM60 flick single channel unit to play with. We haven't used it loads yet but in answer to your main question.

There is no current from the unit until you start to increase the output. then the current will flow between you both from anything you touch each other with. To get the strongest sensations between penis and vagina, we found that doggie style, with a pad each on inner thighs. Or to target the pads a bit more you can place a pad on your ball sack and one on your partners pubic mound area. This only really works if you have minimal hair in those areas.

if you touch your partner with a hand say as well, then you will get some current flow round that path, although the longer distance between the pads means a reduced sensation.

something to note though, if you have the unit turned up a little and are only touching penis/pussy then be careful if you withdraw fully as when you guys touch again you will know about it!

It's a really fun device and as both OscarRomeo and Jess said you are best off experimenting with it and exploring what you can do.

This link is to the one we've got, it's worth reading the reviews if you haven't already

Do not wish to be a kill joy, however you must follow the instructions that came with the estim in GREAT detail.

When you experiment start with a low current, you will feel a tingling sensation as it starts to work and turn it up gentley as the last thing you want is a shock rather than pleasure. Also use conductive gel as this will help prevent unessecary burns.

A good link is at this will help get you started safely and how you can expand your equipment, knowledge and pleasures.

P.S Lovehoney do not get upset with me for providing further safety information.