Advice for a man please

Hello. I’m wanting to buy my own panties and thongs.

I appreciate that genuine female underwear is not that practical for men, but nevertheless I want the buzz of going into work in lacy panties (and not the type made for men).

I’m tall and slim with a 32" waist, would that equate to a size 12 or 14?

Thanks in advance x


Sure there’s loads of size guides online to see

I tend to go with a size 12 and am a 32-34.

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Thanks Craig. I also think it’s good to hear personal experience :+1:

From a style perspective I find the bikini or Brazilian work well for all-day ear. competitor a good starting source as they are generally good with consistency of sizing across their range. They also do produce some extremely sexy items….current favourite These ones! competitor link removed

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Thanks OD, they are gorgeous ( got me quite excited, lol). Are they comfortable?

I don’t think you can mention other shops what sell similar products to LoveHoney. I thought I would just mention befor you might get a flag :blush:


Yes, the ‘no vpl’ silky ones are my favourite for comfort though (available in either grey and cream) also from the supplier that rhymes with barks and mencer…… not allowed to mention competitors apparently!

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There’s no “apparently” about it. It is clearly stated within the forum rules that competitors products cannot be mentioned or linked. It makes no sense for Lovehoney to allow the promotion of competitors products. Please respect this.


Got it… and as you say its logical

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Just ordered three pairs on here, taking advantage of the offer on at present. Can’t wait and hopefully I’ll be able to share some discreet photos somehow.

Yes I’d say you’d be more of a size 12 maybe

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You will be able to upload pictures when you reach trust level 2 :+1:

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Striped thongs 3 pack from a supermarket with green letters, I wear them most of the week. Slinky material but still ribbed took me ages to find the right ones for me!

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James, good afternoon, I am a guy who has been wearing ladies knickers for years, try the full brief to start as these will hold your tackle in place better, you can get a good variety from various places as well as a good selection from here as well, all online, invest a few bob and experiment but I would be wary of Brazilian and thongs as these may not hold you in place, happy shopping and enjoy your new freedom

Over the years I have tried on my wife’s panties and 90% of the time they can not contain my manhood and company . I have ordered a number of different pair from many sources . I would guess I have maybe 5 pair that would work for all day wear . Most are quite delicate in construction so they may wear out quickly . And many are quite spendy . This pair from LH do have a bit more material to hold my bits .