Advice Needed Quickly.

I've just bought some more bondage apparatus, a set, but there is one piece I don't know how to wear or what it does.

It's a series of 4 rings on a leather strap. Each ring spaced 2 cm apart. At the base there is a large ring. I realise it's some sort of cock ring apparatus but don't know what to do. The three smaller rings fit, albeit pretty snug, but the larger one is too large for my cock, and way too small for my balls.
Tried to fit them in and stopped, wincing in pain. Where does the large ring go? What goes in it?

Can anyone help?

Jesus Christ.
I've just been looking this up on the net.
Everything's supposed to go in the big ring.

Does anyone use this sort of thing? Am I going to injure myself here? I have a medical condition which means I have pretty big testicles. And i don't know if it'll fit. Should I put it on when my balls are rather warm and dangly?

Sounds like you have a 'Gates of Hell', they vary in size, so you have to make sure you have one that fits you - they are not 'one size fits all'

Here's a pic of how to wear them!

Hope that helps!

Wow that looks painful...

which I guess is the point lol

I did manage to get it on. Taking it off was entirely harder. Pardon the pun. I'm not exactly sure what you do with it?
Am I just supposed to be trussed up? Is it like a ribbed penis to give more pleasure in bed? Size seems alright. It's not as tight as the one in that picture thank god. Need a good bit of lube to get it on, but it's fine on there.

Why isn't there a wikipedia for sex? It'd make all this a lot easier.

incidently, it feels fantastically aggressive being had by someone wearing on of these...

So you do keep it on for sex?

Keeping it on for sex.
Me, I've got a little ring, about half an inch wide, that fits neatly over my penis, and I can fold my foreskin back over it. Comfortable when I'm soft, but it can be pretty insistent on reminding me of its presence when I get an erection! Nice! But it does have repercussions if I'm contemplating intercourse!
Trouble is, the ring creates a hard, wide mass on my dick that my lovely lady's vagina refuses to accept!

(sigh!) Sometimes it's more fun to enjoy the sensations my toy gives me, than to persist in lovemaking ...

Blimey, it's just a

Delete the 'Blimey it's just a'. Should have edited my message a bit better before letting it go!

i looked at the site that was suggested at the top ... and now i want to know what this is

Which part?

You can buy small elecrosex units on LH.

They work like a TENS unit, you plug in an "electro" toy, and set the intensity (the voltage and ampage on these devices are limited so you can't give yourself a fatal shock) and the pulse width and when the toy touches something conductive (ie, your body) you complete it's circuit. This sends little electric shocks through your body, centred at the point the "toy" is touching.

So, if you were using a vaginal toy, it stimulates the nerves inside the vagina almost like a vibrator does, but it doesn't ~actually~ vibrate. You can buy all manner of "toys" for all the different base units, for both men and women and because you can control the level of intensity of the pulses, you can make it feel intensely pleasurable, intensely painful, or anything in between!

This site's got some great info on electrosex - though it's mostly specific to the units they're selling:

GrayMatter- usually, it's more of a masochist's toy, the more erect they get the more it hurts, and the more it hurts, the more erect they get, etc. Or as a chastity device. You could use it for sex, but be careful with it (and definitely not condom safe!)