Advice please?

I don't know how to begin this so I'm just gonna throw it all out and hopefully it will all make some kind of sense 😂

I'm bisexual and I discovered this whilst at art college. My then boyfriend only ever encouraged my feelings by allowing me to experiment with girls from college. That was 9 years ago and I always look back on it fondly.

I've been with my husband for over 5 years and he's always known of my past. He gets really turned on when he asks me about it in detail, as do I. I really want to play with a girl again. And this is where I require some advice/tips etc.

My husband has repeatedly said how much he wishes he could have seen me and another girl... He loves fantasising about it and has said he never expects it to happen and he's ok with that. But the more I think about it, the more I want to surprise him!

My husband had a MFF threesome with his ex, and I had a MMF threesome with my ex. But I've always wanted to have a MFF! It means we would both get to fulfill our desires! It's either that or I'd like to play with a girl whilst he watches, I think he'd most likely be too shell shocked to do anything if he found me like that haha!

So... how would be best to go about this? Has anyone has any experiences doing this? I understand communication is key and both my husband and I are very open with each other, but if I was to do this I'd like it to be a surprise!

I don't know what everyone else will say, but as exciting as it may seem in fantasty I don't think a surprise is the way to go. Quite often what people say when something isn't an option can be quite different to how they feel when it becomes a reality.

If you really want this to be something you and your partner can experience together then talk to him about it first. Maybe he'd say he'd love not knowing when it would happen, in which case go ahead with surprising him.

However if you think he might like to get involved then the lady in question would have to be of interest to both of you, so he would possibly need some input on that score.

Also be preapred for it to be really tricky to find a girl to be your third. It's not as flattering as it sounds being welcmoned into someones bed/relationship for one night to help them live their sexy fantasies. Unless of course you go to an escort agency or have a friend you know would be up for it.

Good Luck though, and I know you wil get loads more advicde soon. There are probably lots of threads on threesomes already started that may be of interest to you if you type threesome into the searh bar at the top of the forum.


Why don't you ask each other to write a story of each of your ultimate fantasies, explaining how you'd like it too occur, what you'd like to occur, then also to mention the consequences afterwards, what you each think it would be like, what would need to happen to make each of you feel secure. Then after you have wrote it, post it to each other, send in the post to add to the excitement. Post it on the same day. So each of you know its been written.

You never know, hehehe.

Thank you LadyS :)

We have spoken a lot on the subject. I think he's more inclined to watch than play. Though we will most likely discuss it more.

Agreed the surprising with not knowing a particular date is more likely the way to go!

I wouldnt want anyone to feel uncomfortable. I can understand that it's not pleasant to be an extra for a night.

I will search the forums now, thank you!!

Thank you jaymma!

We've done something similar to that before. And it worked out pretty well :) so I'll give that a go again! Love the sending it in the post idea!! Thank you!!

I can imagine the anticipation waiting for the post.

This may give you the basis to open discussion about your desires, especially if his fantasy isn't what you hope it may be.

Exciting hey

You say you would like to surprise him, then surprise him start before him with your 3rd person lets say bathing covered in soap suds with a little note left for him elswhere where he will see before he sees you sying WE want you, this will already have his attention. You say youve spoke about it and your both looking for the same thing so to plan it all out with him will not surprise him imo. Have a strap on too at least this way everybody gets to play and nobody will be left out. This is just my opinion on what causes the unwanted confliction after. You are a very beatiful looking lady, super sexy and justa pure filthy milf. I love it. Most males would dare admit this to thier partner so your already there your just missing a filler. I would be honest with your extra person from the off though to avoid any form of tension. Not that there will be sexual tension![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

This is only my opinion and you dont have to take it BUT I DO wish you the very best with this particular journey you have chosen. Good luck horneyhousewife90