Advice/tips wanted! teasing/edging/sensory play with my boyfriend.

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if you could all help me out, its my birthday next week and I am trying to plan a very very special night for myself and my boy toy, I have a basic plan and I would like to know what you all think and if you have any tips or ideas to help make it even better. its a bit long sorry!

I have booked us a room in a hotel (he knows this already) but plan on leading him there on a false pretense (I had an idea to tell him we are meeting people for dinner but Im not quite ready yet so meet me at the room first) then when he gets there im unsure wether I should greet him at the door in my best lingerie OR dressed up in a sexy dress and heels so that I can save the unvieling of the lingerie with a nice sexy striptease?

Once Ive got him in the room im going to lead him to the bed, take off his shirt, sit him down and straddle him, let him know that tonight im in charge (im usually the more submissive in the bedroom but I know he loves it when I take control) and restrain his wrists to the bedposts with the handcuffs ill have cleverly attatched and hidden earlier (im all about the element of surprise).

Once hes restrained and comfortable (hes going to be there for a while) it'll be time to lay down some rules:

1- If he wants to be freed then hes going to have to be a good boy and do exactly as I say

2- Under absolutely no circumstances is he allowed to cum without my permission

3- If he does not do as i say this will result in "punishment" (blindfolded sensory play)

4- too much back talk or begging will result in punishment

5- he is to address me as "miss" at all times

I was thinking I could tell him the rules while I do the striptease/strip the rest of him? I thought he would find it very hard to argue while i do this

I want to tease him to the point of extreme frustration, once hes stripped naked I want to play with his body, firstly with a feather tickler running all over his body except the place he wants me to touch most, then ill massaage him with my hands and nails (he loves the feeling of my nails dragging on his skin). Once ive teased and tickled his skin ill start to kiss, suck and nibble all over before slowly making my way to his member but im going to be very very mean and only let a cool breath of air touch it before i move away again and stop touching him completely which will hopefully get the reaction im looking for.

next im going to sit back on top of him and make him watch while i pleasure myself (he normally instructs me to do this so i know he loves watching me play) Im hoping that the visual of me fingering myself right infront of him and he cant touch me at all will drive him insane, maybe to be extra mean ill let him taste my fingers once ive finished so that he really starts to crave my pussy.

Once ive reached my first orgasm then he can have some attention, but only the lighest of strokes slowly building to harder more pleasurable strokes and then with my mouth untill hes close then im going to stop touching him completely and remind him that he doesnt have my permission to come yet which im positive will lead to lots of fighting the restrains/ back talk that will lead to "punishment".

Punishment will involve him being blindfolded so he isnt allowed to see me anymore and different sensations administered to his body such as spanks, tickles, ice, hot wax, vibes and shocks but he wont know whats coming or where .

once hes been punished enough itll be my turn again, but this time he will be allowed to pleasure me but under my conditions, only one hand will be freed and with that hand he is to hold a toy of my choice and pleasure me only with the toy, under no circumstances is he allowed to touch me or himself.

once ive reached my sencond orgasm both hands will be restrained again and ill start to grind my wet pussy over his cock untill he is begging to be inside me, eventually ill let him in and ride him till hes close but once hes there im going to come off him and we start the game again.

eventually ill have him frustrated to the point of anger (I like it when hes angry) then when neither of us can take it any longer im going to give his permission to cum, release him from his restraints and have what will probably be the roughest/greatest sex we've had. I wouldnt be surprised if he decideds to punish me back which i wouldnt mind at all

thoughts? x

Sounds like you don't need any advice at all that sounds jealous.

Bloody Hell,i felt movement just reading that,i reckon you`ve got it all boxed off good luck and enjoy your evening

Sounds amazing to us xx

Iwish wrote:

Sounds like you don't need any advice at all that sounds jealous.

I agree with this comment. Punish him anyway !!!! hahaha Lucky fella - If this is for your birthday i can only imagine what you do on his !!

I agree it seems like you have it all figured out.
I'm sure he will definatly follow the rules that you lay down.

Enjoy your night ;)